Victorian terrace house renovation in vibrant East London

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A Victorian terrace house renovated by Hut Architecture features minimal, sleek interiors that are brimming with personality, located in East London, United Kingdom. The family home required that the character of the existing structure be preserved and mixed with modern updates. The new home design also needed to appeal to the couple’s young daughter, offering a family friendly design that is open and inviting but is also able to showcase the homeowner’s art and book collections as well as their furnishings. An addition was placed onto the rear of the existing home in the form of two sleek black boxes. Each of the boxes is clad with metal and featuring a ribbon of floor-to-ceiling glass walls and ceiling. The new buildings envelope a staircase that takes you down to a spacious open plan basement, the social center of the home. This space offers a kitchen and dining area and area for entertaining, flowing into the backyard garden. Even though the design of the lower level offers an open layout, it was important that each of the family members had their own private domains. This was achieved through a luxuriously designed master bedroom retreat on the upper level, which comes complete with a free standing bathtub. The daughter also had a bedroom designed as her private oasis to spend time curled up in a reading nook … and there is also a secret treasure box!

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The addition at the back of the property is more modernized, yet still respects the scale and form of the original structure. Drama was added through the use of black power-coated steel. The use of this material element allowed the architects to create visually stunning design aesthetic and luxurious interior spaces on a pretty modest budget. Sustainability was at the forefront to the renovation of this home, where there was the express wish to improve energy efficiency and make this a more cost-effective home to live in. To retrofit for this, internal insulation was incorporated throughout, in addition to high performance double glazing. A fully integrated heating system monitors and regulates the interior climate. A bathroom heating system offers passive infrared sensors that helps to reduce energy use when the bathroom is unoccupied. Low-energy LED lighting is used throughout the home, offering an additional energy savings.

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What We Love: The stunning mix of modern and traditional architecture showcased in this home offers the homeowners the best of both worlds! We are also inspired by the fact that the property layout was designed to be flexible to the family’s continuously changing lifestyle needs.

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Photos: Matt Chisnall 

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