Charming S. Lucia Country House in Tuscany

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S. Lucia Country House is situated in the countryside of Appenino, Tuscany, Italy,  in an ancient village, situated at the foot of the mountain. The owners are a professional couple , Paolo and Alessia , who works in the nearby town of Prato, but lives among meadows and rugged peaks with their three children. A great environment to raise children and to practice one of the passions of Alessia, champion extreme triathlon and running.

They found this building in a state of total abandonment, but that did not deter them. They decided to rehabilitate the home, commissioning interior architecture studio b-arch architettura,  who worked with the studio q-bic . “The goal was the return to origins”, says Alessandro Capellaro , a partner of b-arch: The “skin” of the house is left as it was, although adapting to seismic legislation and building insulation. The distribution was not touched, walls were removed to win light.” Stone floors, whitewashed walls, wooden terraces, beamed ceilings, brick arches … were key to the success of the project.

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Everything responds to a search of authenticity without further ornamentation texture of natural materials and old. The decor, as masterful contras, is inspired by well dressed contemporary surprises. So, along with linear forms illustrated conceptually with contemporary furnishings — sculptural objects coexist, recharged by beautiful lamps, oriental furniture, animal skins, a wonderful art deco collection … merging into a more “harder” the profound essence of Tuscany and a transgressive aesthetic vanguard.

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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