Impressive Casa LQ20 with expansive garden views

Casa LQ20 is a house located in Cuernavaca, Mexico designed by architecture firm T3arc. The main idea was to generate a place where the interior opened up to the garden. Cuernavaca is a city with great weather all year, and the main activities always occur in the outside. Nevertheless, the sun could be a problem in the afternoon. Therefore, the architects constructed this house in two main volumes. One of them opens completely to the east and the other completely closed to the west. Both volumes are connected by a concrete bridge that crosses the main patio open to the garden. The architects tried to give an antic heavy feeling in the ground floor by using extreme care in the concrete but aware of constructing a house in accordance to the nature of the garden.

A pool gives clarity to the placement and functions like the most important element of the house. In the main facade, a large window allows the morning sun to enter to the master bedroom, while you can see a line of huge eucalyptus and Laurels from the region. It has a movie studio, were the only light comes from the ceiling and it is open to the north. The architects tried to use the west sun to indirectly illuminate the rest of the rooms. This house has 6,243 square feet (580 square meters) of built area and allows the inhabitants to enjoy the path of the sun above it with no direct contact. In the living room, high ceilings help to illuminate all the ground floor and the kitchen. An open terrace to the north is the most social space in the house, where all the family enjoys together the expansive views of the garden. Via

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