An eco-responsible home nestled on a forested site in France

Serpentine Villa-IF Architecture-01-1 Kindesign

An eco-responsible and low-energy home designed by IF Architecture, Serpentine villa is nestled in a forest in Fiac, a small village located south of France. The 2,561 square foot (238 square meters) residence was developed to leave the smallest possible footprint so as not to destroy its natural habitat. At the same time to owners did not want to give up on the comforts of the modern world. The challenge was to create a communion with nature while at the same time keeping the home energy efficient. The intriguing design of the home seems to snake around the numerous trees on the property, preserving them and at the same time capitalizing on the site’s beautiful landscape. The home’s design emphasizes views of the trees and a beautiful pond. Sliding glass partitions creates a modular space and helps to draw nature in, enabling a seamless connection between indoors and out. The exterior facade features horizontal bands of black zinc, while opaque walls alternate with wide glass panels. The finished result is a residence that harmonizes with its site and natural surroundings.

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According to the architects, “The wood-framed, extra-insulated building opens to the south-southeast, and exceeds BBC energy standards, while aiming to minimize its ecological footprint and compensates for its heat pump’s power consumption through the use of a photovoltaic membrane on the roof.”

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The decor is minimally invasive, focusing more on the architecture and the surrounding landscape. Minimally selected furnishings and a cosmopolitan collection of works of art creates this relaxing home that focuses its attention to the surrounding environment.

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Photos: Courtesy of IF Architecture

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