Amazing home transformation offering San Francisco skyline views

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A stunning transformation of a four-story home was carried out by Feldman Architecture, located in Telegraph Hill, a neighborhood in San Francisco, California. When the new homeowner’s took over the home, there were many changes that needed to be made to this lackluster home. For starters, the original facade did not have any curb appeal, it was too narrow and the interiors lacked personality. The main living spaces on the top level were divided by floors below it that suffered from dark stairs and hallways. The home did have some potential that needed to be capitalized on, with soaring ceilings and the possibilities of capturing surrounding views of the Golden Gate Bridge and other city highlights. The updates to the home included a brand new street facade, comprised of gray limestone and projected metal framing the windows and garage. The uppermost level was drawn back from the facade below to create expansion for an outdoor deck decorated with planters. This was perfect for the homeowners to allow them additional space to entertain guests and capitalize on the spectacular views. Throughout the interiors a color palette of soft gray and white allows light to reflect and the views to take center stage.

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The staircase was re-designed into a dramatic fusion of wood, steel and glass, while light from above illuminates and draws its inhabitants upwards, to the uppermost level. The top level with the main living spaces was designed to be one expansive great room offering windows on three sides. An open plan kitchen was designed to cater to homeowners who love to cook and entertain.

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What We Love: The clean lines, sleek surfaces and all the windows and skylights that helps open the house up and make it feel bright and airy. The best part of this house is definately the outdoor deck, nothing beats having a view of the luminous Golden Gate Bridge in your backyard!

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A perforated metal screen wraps down from the ceiling of the uppermost level down to the two levels below, drawing in diffused light and providing visual and textural continuity.

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At the top of the staircase you are greeted by a commissioned piece of artwork, a kinetic sculpture by a local artist, integrated into the metal ceiling.

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Translucent skylights imbedded into the wood flooring helps to infuse light to the level below and creates visual interest.

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The dining room is bathed in natural sunlight from walls of glass and sliding doors that leads out to a small outdoor deck. This allows additional space for barbecuing and a small herb garden.

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 The main deck is used as an outdoor room high above the city, with a fireplace, windscreen, custom designed planters and an operable awning. Sweeping city views makes this space perfect for enjoying all that city living has to offer.

Photos: Joe Fletcher

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