Striking transformation of 14th century mountain chalet in Italy

Modern Mountain Chalet-Otmar Prenner-01-1 Kindesign

Sculptor and furniture designer Otmar Prenner reconstructed his own home, a mountain chalet nestled in the foothills of Vinschgau, a comune in South Tyrol, northern Italy. He purchased the dilapidated 14th century farm from his uncle with the hope of someday fixing it up. He had spent the past twenty years living in Munich, so there was not much impact to the stone building which has a living room, pantry and a hayloft. After the renovation began, the designer visited often and eventually had the desire to make it a permanent residence. The ruins were transformed into a modern chalet with the help of the designers brother who is a carpenter and his father and uncle who also became enthusiastically involved in the process. The distribution of the floor plan was reconfigured to meet the lifestyle needs of the homeowner. Where the former living room was, there is now a bedroom, a new home office was configured into one of the staircases, and an open plan kitchen, dining and living room were created. The designer enjoyed walking along beams during constructed, so he decided to incorporate them into the interior. The design is very functional and immaculate, with almost everything in the house custom designed by Otmar, who is a sculptor, painter, designer and decorator. Wood proved to be a beautiful material in the new chalet, which can be seen as an element used throughout the interiors and the exterior facade. Modular furnishings decorate the spaces, with a mix of designer items, as well as vintage and antique finds.

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This alpine home is situated off the beaten path from the nearest village, where there was initially no water or electricity. Now is is fully equipped to live here year round, with the occasional drive to replenish food. The area is very pristine, which can be seen through picture windows in the home, which showcases snow-capped peaks.

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On one of the staircases, Otmar built a home office for himself.

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The hallway floor is comprised of marble from the village of Laas, with vases designed by Otmar Prennera.

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The scenery of this mountain village of only fifty inhabitants is very beautiful. The nearest town with a supermarket is a half an hour by car.

Photos: AD Magazine

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