Industrial chic concrete and glass light fixtures: IdéeAl Lamps


In the past we featured the stylish Corvi Wine Cooler by IntoConcrete, now we are delighted to inform you of their latest concrete design, IdéeAl Lamp Series. The light fixtures feature a timeless design that has been flawlessly finished in concrete and glass. The velvety exposed concrete base comes in three stunning shades, blue-gray, dark-gray, and light-gray. These handmade fixtures take their inspiration from turn-of-the-century lanterns and creating stunning art forms. The lamps come in the form of ceiling—Idéeal Ceiling Lamp and table fixtures—Idéeal Table Lamp, that creates an industrial chic aesthetic that would make your home ultra stylish. Created by by visionary concrete designer Clement Terreng, he explains that concrete is an incredible material to work with. “It can be hard like a stone yet appear fragile like porcelain. As we began to work with it, we quickly realized that its potential – to be formed, to be cast – may have no limits but ourselves.” We think these fixtures are super cool and would look great in just about any home decor scheme, we would love to see pictures of them in your home! What do you think, would you use these light fixtures in your home and if so, where would you put them?

These stylish light fixtures are a collaboration with Concrete Home Design and can be purchased on the home lifestyle store of IntoConcrete, with both the Idéeal Ceiling and Table Lamps priced at $500 a piece.


The inspiration for the lamps was very organic in nature. The designer was intrigued by the distinguishing shape of an onion and pared the form with retro 60’s glamour reflected in the set interior of a James Bond movie. The lamps evoke a classic silhouette of old enamel factory light fixture. The fixtures showcase an elegant concrete body affixed to a crystal glass diffuser, creating a modern twist on a classic style.


The designer also wanted a concrete table lamp that would be slender in nature, so he refined the fixture to all that was necessary, testing form and function.








IntoConcrete is an art, design and innovation group that is based in Chicago. Their principle goal is to offer cutting-edge products with quality craftsmanship and modern design in the form of concrete.


This post has been sponsored by IntoConcrete.
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