Contemporary farmhouse surrounded by rugged beauty in New Zealand

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This contemporary farmhouse was designed by Pattersons Associates Architects for an expatriate, located along the coastline of Scrubby Bay in Akaroa, New Zealand. The owner is a real estate businessman who grew up on a farm in New Zealand and left in his twenties to the United States to run his own company and raise a family. Yet staying true to his roots, his native land brought him back to purchase Annandale, a sheep and cattle station of roughly 4,000 acres with a long, picturesque coastline. The new homeowner divides his time between the farm and the U.S., where he has carefully restored the farm’s original homestead. The gardens were rejuvenated, with thousands of native trees planted. The property is now a functioning farm, with a shepherd’s cottage rehabilitated about a half hour’s drive away on the property. Just beyond the cottage, work was recently completed on two additional buildings, which includes this newly built farmhouse that pays homage to its beautiful surroundings. The exterior walls and the roof of the farmhouse are clad in cedar, in the same honeyed hue as the parched grass encircling it. The simple forms of the structure seems to be in complete harmony with the rugged landscape. The abstract structure features two connected gabled forms that seems to slip past one another. The interior of the farmhouse is lined with macrocarpa timber with traditional detailing and black steel fittings. Because this farm is so isolated, it is only reachable by helicopter from Christchurch Airport or by farm track.

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The homeowner envisioned this property as not only a vacation home for his family, but also as a luxury holiday rental that is included in Annandale’s coastal farm escape and luxury villa collection. You only image that this place would be very hard for guests to ever want to leave, it is a breath of fresh air, a true escape from the rest of the world! So peaceful in its location on an isolated bay that is in perfect harmony with its fabulous surroundings. We just loved featuring this home here on 1 Kindesign, we would love to hear your thoughts on this property in the comments section below.

To stay here, rates are per night: May through September 2015 – $4595 / October through April 2016 – $4995, here.

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The main living area is set around a beautiful stone clad fireplace and chimney locally sourced from the farm’s quarry. Comfortable furnishings are by Roche Bobois and the textural area rug covering the hardwood flooring is comprised of wool from the farm’s sheep.

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The farmhouse has three en-suite bedrooms, with each of the bathrooms featuring a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape and the bay.

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Sliding cedar panels gives shelter to the home in inclement weather.

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Photos: Pattersons Associates Architects

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