Renovated rustic barnwood farmhouse in Texas gets modern facelift

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Olsen Studios was responsible for the transformation of this rustic barnwood farmhouse, located in White Rock Lake area of north-east Dallas, Texas. The architects seamlessly integrated this home into the “country” atmosphere of neighborhood, which features beautiful 100-year-old trees. The goal of this project was to create a seamless connection with the outdoors—with the idyllic lake/park located just a short walk from the home.

The original single-story home on the property offered just 1,300 square feet of living space. The architects construction an L-shaped addition onto the home, including a second story towards the rear of the property, helping to triple the size of this family home—3,900 square feet. A large pecan tree that resides in the yard was preserved, as was the existing footprint. There are a total of four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a spacious home office, playroom and a resort-like swimming pool, in addition to a spacious backyard.

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From the street, the house sits unobtrusively amongst the other cottage-style homes. The architects were able to do this by keeping the original single story at the street view. They dressed it up by adding stone and a new metal roof. The second level addition was added at the rear of the property—not visible from the street. The result is an update to the original cottage style architecture, infusing rustic farmhouse charm.

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What We Love: This rustic barnwood farmhouse showcases modern interiors that are bright and spacious. The living and kitchen area opens to the outdoors, which is perfect for entertaining family and friends. The addition offers the family plenty of extra living space while remaining unobtrusive from the street. Overall an inviting and comfortable home with amazing design features throughout… Readers, please tell us what you think of the renovation of this property? Are there any details that you would have done differently? 

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Above: The original hardwood flooring was preserved through the process of sanding, bleaching and then staining the wood gray.

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Above: The home’s original living room was transformed into the family’s library and game room. Since this space has such amazing light from the generous sized windows, it was left structurally unchanged.

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Above: The architects designed the house, yard, and swimming pool around a massive pecan tree, which has a three-foot diameter trunk. The tree offers shade for the whole property during warm summer months.

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Above: At the side of the property sits this custom designed, two-story playhouse. Features includes a climbing wall, chalkboard and barn doors that the homeowners made themselves.

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Photos: Shoot2Sell Photography

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