Charming old barn transformed into a refuge in the Empordà

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A charming old barn was recovered and turned into a holiday retreat by studio AP Interiorisme, located in the Empordà, an historical region of Catalonia, Spain. The new homeowners were looking for a spacious and bright house  when they came upon an old abounded barn. It formed part of an old farmhouse situated at the edge of a quiet village, surrounded by meadows and fields. The essence of the old farmhouse is still intact, preserving the stone walls and large arched doorway to let the natural light flood into the interiors. The doorway was originally used for vehicles to pass through to unload straw, so it was very high and wide. It is now used as a beautiful window in the living room and a great source of light. Adjacent to the living room is the kitchen, the perfect atmosphere for cooking and entertaining friends, as well as having great access to the garden. The bedrooms are situated at the back of the house, which originally had solid walls that needed windows added to every room. Internal shutters were added for privacy. The master bathroom features a unique detail by the designers; the toilet is an old wooden cabinet, revered from a textile factory. The finished result of this home is a beautiful blend of old and new, a cozy escape that offers wonderful living spaces both indoors and out. We love it, a haven of tranquility and relaxation! How about you, does this home fit into your vision of a dream holiday retreat? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Photos: El Mueble


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