A prefabricated Scandinavian dream home in the forest

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Completed in 2012, this villa is a prefabricated holiday home for a couple and their five active children, designed by PlusArchitects Ltd, located on Lake Päijänne, Finland. The homeowners wanted a design that reflected a modern Scandinavian lifestyle and Nordic aesthetics. The best thing about this location is that it can be used for all seasons, with plenty of natural light and beautiful views throughout the 3,304 square feet (307 square meters) home. The dwelling consists of two parts, which are connected by a corridor and an outdoor terrace featuring a summer kitchen. When the architects designed the home, they focused on its use for business and training events. The villa encompasses six bedrooms, two living rooms and a sauna area. The sauna is situated by the water, housing a traditional Finnish wood-heated sauna and living area. Nordic design pervades the entire home, encompassing beautiful materials such as plank hardwood flooring and shelving by Dinesen. Along with the bright natural wood, there are additional materials of felt, linen and wool. As a whole, the space feels very light and airy, with clean lines and functional spaces. A beautiful retreat with stunning lake views throughout. What do you think, do you love Scandinavian design?

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The view from the dining table is spectacular. The table is also constructed by Dinesen wood, blending with the flooring.

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This open kitchen was designed and constructed by Finnish company Saari. The end of the kitchen island is clad with Dinesen wood.

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The dining room is situated between the kitchen and living room, a perfect spot for family gatherings.

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The home is full of smart, hidden solutions. Both glassware and the television are concealed by cabinet doors, blending in with the wall.

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This beautiful master bedroom offers floor to ceiling glass walls, offering amazing sea views. There is no need to be worried about transparency in this home since the sea is the closest neighbor.

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The sauna is situated just 12 meters from the water, with the main house nestled just behind. One can escape out of the warm and toasty sauna and take a cool dip into the sea!

Photos: Photographs: Jasper Carlberg

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