Barcelona flat reveals vintage charm mixed with industrial flair

Barcelona Flat-Silvia Rademakers-01-1 Kindesign

This Barcelona flat is a newly renovated apartment with plenty of vintage charm, re-designed by interior decorator Silvia Rademakers, located in Barcelona, Spain. This beautiful home showcases open spaces bathed in light and is reflected throughout thanks to white walls and the attractive mixture of industrial and vintage design that brings warmth to the environments. The reform involved keeping doors to a minimum with space interconnected. The living room was opening up to the hallway to give depth of space. The owners also wanted to re-organize the closet in their bedroom to be more functional and spacious. To do this, they fitted out the adjoining room with floor to ceiling cabinets and better integrated the connection to the bedroom. In the bathroom, a window was installed to facilitate natural light into the shower. After the construction was completed, they owners focused on decorating their newly well-distributed home. The wooden flooring throughout most of the home reflected the light penetrating through the windows, so the walls and ceiling were also kept white for illumination and the enhanced effect of spaciousness.

Barcelona Flat-Silvia Rademakers-02-1 Kindesign

Since the white paint gives a sense of coolness to the space, textures were introduced to create warm, welcoming environments. Plush cushions and soft throws create a cozy feel and fur area rugs adds warmth to the floors to tread barefoot, especially in the bedrooms. Decorative elements were added to the apartment to help create a sense of intimacy, and reflect the personality of the owners. These elements includes the chandelier in the dining room, the garland of cloth above the master bed and the child’s bedroom; old suitcases were re-purposed and stacked into a side table next to the living room sofa. There is also an old trunk finished with pink brushstrokes at the foot of the master bed, which adds color and character.

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Photos: Mi Casa

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