Adorable tiny apartment with intriguing layout in Sweden

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This charming one bedroom apartment spotted on Alvhem is situated in a beautifully preserved Art Nouveau building dating from the last century, located in Linnéstaden, Gothenburg, Sweden. This well planned small apartment offers just 355 square feet (33 square meters) of living space, with a bedroom/living area and separate kitchen and bathroom. Plenty of sunlight penetrates the space with three large south facing windows, creating an atmosphere you just have to love. The charming kitchen has been well-planning with extra space for a dining table, tastefully renovated bathroom, painted white tiled floor and generous ceiling height.

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The living room space and regular shape provides several opportunities for furnishing. There is space for both sofa bed and TV unit. The high windows with overhead light not only makes the room bright, they also provide a genuine feeling that the spirit is alive and that the house has been carefully restored with great respect and knowledge.

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The kitchen offers space for both cooking and dining table. The kitchen can accommodate two to four people but also six seated guests have been possible in this social kitchen. It gives the feeling that the apartment is larger than its 33 square meters. The walls are painted in a shade of gray and the floor is adorned here of tiled floor from the early 1900s.

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White wall tone harmonizes nicely with the white-painted wooden floor and preserved details in the form of stucco, ceiling rose and the massive windows of marble boards. Two built-in wardrobes offer storage options. Positioned next to the quiet inner courtyard provides a tranquil home to which, despite its central location, has the feel of a small sheltered oasis.

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On the bathroom countertop rests a round basin of stylish concrete and a large mirror widens the space further. In the ceiling a recessed spotlight with dimmer gives a pleasant light.

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The apartment’s entrance hall welcomes visitors with a graphic gray-white patterned wallpaper that nicely matches the white-painted wooden floor. To the right is a built-prized wardrobe that hides what you do not want to be hanging there.

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