Spacious Brazilian villa with spectacular views

This spacious villa located just out of Sao Paulo in Brazil was designed by architect Candida Tabet. Every room in the house offers an incredible view of the distinct landscape. One on side of the house lies the forest and on the other, the mountains. The form found by the architect was the transformation of the 12,163 square foot (1,130 square meters) home into a continuity of lush surroundings. For this, she has implemented the construction section of the lot where the eye would be able to wonder out to the horizon. The fireplace in the living room adds a unique and artistic focal point to the space. Throughout the home brightness is added through colorful artwork on the floor, walls and furnishings. A spacious balcony extends out to an infinity edge pool whose contours purposely oppose the local geography. The extension of the roof of the house increases natural light and adds to the aesthetics of the facade. Via

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