Three-story barn transformed into modern house

The Mid-North Residence is a historic masonry complex in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, once a barn, then a dairy distribution center and most recently an artist’s studio and gallery. The commercial building was recently transformed into a house for a family of five oriented around a courtyard by Vinci | Hamp Architects. The exterior masonry walls of the 9,100 square foot, three-story barn and the one-story commercial structure were preserved and a new interior layout was designed to focus on a large courtyard. Major living spaces are on the first floor and open to the courtyard. Bedrooms are located on the second and third floors and connect to three separate outdoor terraces. A small basement houses mechanical, storage, and exercise rooms. The project features entirely new building systems, including a high performance exterior envelope.

What do you think of the overall design of this space? Are the interiors too cold and sterile for your taste? Do you like the architect’s concept of an inner private courtyard in the heart of a big city?

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11 years ago

Love the bunk bed and the minimalist style!

11 years ago

I think that a lot would be added to this space if the courtyard was a bit more natural and green. I love the idea of a private courtyard in the middle of a big city, but I would really want it to be green and living. An escape if you will.