Striking union of two apartments in Sao Paulo

This sensational apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil belongs to a young man who works in the financial market and is the result of merging two apartments bought during the construction of the building. Architecture studio Rocco, Vidal + Arquitetos was responsible for the challenge of retrofitting the design and decoration of the two apartments in such a way that they would not seem mirrored. The solution was to install the service rooms and the gourmet kitchen in one of the original apartments, all integrated into the dining room. The other unit hosts the master suite and a generous closet, guest suite and home office.

The contemporary property was expanded an additional 3,336 square feet (310 square meters), making it possible to create a leisure area to receive friends. With infrastructure speakers, screen and neat little tricks like the ability to use two smaller dining tables instead of one; the resident has the ability to turn the living room into a dance floor at any time. The connection of units was done through one side, through a spa, gym, Jacuzzi and sauna. All of these environments overlook a charming panel by Paulo Von Poser, an artist that reproduces depicting scenes of Sao Paulo; in the other, a home office was built for the owner. The two balconies provide views of immaculate landscaping, adding a touch of class to this striking apartment.

Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think of this remarkable transformation.

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11 years ago

This looks like a cool bachelor pad.