Functional yet stylish 40 square meters Swedish flat

This fabulous turn of the century apartment, spotted on Stadshem, in Linnaeus Town, Sweden features original details and great space planning. At only 430 square feet (40 square meters) this small home has just enough space for a bedroom/living area, a kitchen with integrated laundry space and bathroom. The living room has plenty of space for a bed and sofa as well as storage space while still maintaining an open, airy feel. Stylish sliding wall panels conceal bookcases, a television, and two large closets up to the ceiling with wire crates and clothes rods. An elegant setting in the corner of the living area is adorned by a beautiful fireplace. Doors spill out onto a gorgeous balcony with magnificent views over the rooftops and mountainous landscape. In the kitchen, the exposed brick gives the kitchen personality, mixed with white walls and cabinetry.

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