38 Interiors incorporating black for a chic style

Incorporating black adds drama to any space, whether it is paining a whole room with black or just adding splashes of black. Adding black to your walls can seem unnerving, where most of us feel that it will leave a space feeling dark, gloomy and closed in. On the contrary, it can add depth and warmth, creating a feeling of luxury and sophistication. Black can add a sense of architecture to any space where there is none showcased. Black recedes, therefore, it makes any space appear larger because by receding, it pushes the walls back, visually. However, it does tend to make a room feel darker, and therefore should be used sparingly in rooms that lack adequate light. If there is inadequate natural light from windows, this can be compensated for by the judicious use of lighting fixtures.

Black can be infused into any style, from traditional to modern to cottage and Victorian, it is all about finding the right space for it to be effective and make a bold statement. Some of the interiors you are about to view have brightly colored furnishings and decorations that create a high impact when mixed with black. Some have painted black fireplaces and cabinetry, while others have beautifully patterned wallpaper and applications, but all the ideas that have been compiled have two things in common, risk and well-designed spaces. So today we present to you 38 incredibly designed spaces that showcase high impact design incorporating the drama of black. Enjoy the inspirational images and tell us which one you enjoyed the most. Have you dared to incorporate black into your home design or do you plan to?

An all-black room creates intimacy and drama; the red box as the single splash of color adds to the theatrical quality.

Black trim adds weight to an all-white room, creating a modern look with clean lines.

Painting this bookcase black creates a huge impact in this big, white room making the books seem to pop.

This black fireplace surround makes the blue walls pop.

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