Tantalizing tropical villa in Bali

This unique weather beaten house, belonging to Annelies Audureau and her husband, Jean-Jacques, is just minutes from an idyllic Balinese beach in the town of Seminyak. Created together, the home appears as though it has been there forever, but is in fact quite new. The wooden structure once started as three separate traditional Indonesian Joglo huts that Jean-Jacques discovered on the neighboring island of Java. Jean-Jacques, who is a professional builder bought the buildings and had them carefully dismantled and transported to Bali.

The only problem with recycling beautiful, weathered wood to build a house is finding sympathetic materials with which to work. Fortunately, Jean-Jacques had a plan and was able to negotiate with the owners of a Javanese mosque that needed a new roof. In short, the mosque was more than happy to give him their old tiles in return for a brand-new set. Inside, the home is filled with many of the beautiful things that Annelies has discovered in her job as a buyer, as she regularly travels throughout Asia sourcing pieces with a sense of heritage or history and shipping them to Europe. With the addition of a few imported details (such as the Lloyd Loom chairs on the veranda and the European wallpaper in the living room), it is a comfortable vintage mix that exists in harmony together. Via

The property manages to be both effortlessly elegant and enviably laid-back.

Everything from walls to wardrobes has been reinvented to create a stylish, relaxed home.

The roof tiles, along with the painted shutters, traditional furniture and ornate textiles, give this house a wonderful sense of time and place.

The carefully sourced furniture and materials throughout the home creates an authentic air of faded grandeur.

A welcoming porch with a weathered dining table and different coloured wicker chairs.

The glittering chandelier creates a sense of occasion.

The veranda where the family likes to spend a lot of time.

Most of the wooden parts of the old buildings were reassembled to form part of Jean-Jacques’s new design, which included plenty of traditional features, such as shutters instead of glass windows (which keep the house cool in the heat of the day) and numerous verandas.

Annelies’s global influences are revealed in this room, which has a colonial air.

The eclectic mix of furniture in Annelies’s home has been collected on her travels. Low-level furniture adds to the sense of space, while the sofa and ottomans, re-covered by Annelies, keep the look relaxed and informal.

European wallpaper and ethnic items found on Annelies’s many trips to Asia.

Annelies in her kitchen where glass jars and containers are displayed on shelves and wooden hutches. Skylights let daylight in through the tiled roof.

Very feminine room with floral fabric. The door openings have an angled top which adds interest to the rooms. I would really love to lie down on all those pillows on the rug!

Woven baskets make beautiful storage in the corridor.

The main bathroom is given an opulent touch with ornate tiling and a chandelier.

Black, white and grey bathroom. The tiles were custom made in Java.

A Detail of kitchen utensils hanging above the cooking range. The picture on the right is an emerald green vignette with matching umbrellas and tin containers on the porch.

The patio area in the lush garden is lifted by the vibrant blue garden furniture.

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