A Barcelona loft gets a facelift

This stunning contemporary loft is located in Barcelona, Spain. At 3,700 square feet (350 square meters), this well appointed residence was given a fabulous makeover by interior designer Cristina Rodriguez. The muted hues play with the bold colors in this open plan, two bedroom loft space. This building with its beautiful brick work was actually an old textile factory before it got converted into seventeen loft apartments. The conversion has retained the details from its former self, adding character and history to this incredible renovation.

The fully modernized kitchen with sleek appliances and almost seamless cabinets features a beautiful kitchen table with four dramatic, handmade wooden chairs.

On the opposite side of the den area is the home office. Beyond that, by the kitchen, is another, more casual dining area with matching denim slipcovered chairs.

The bedrooms are separated from the living areas by floor-to-ceiling black drapes. The closet area is organized with custom shelving and is easily hidden with by beige curtains.

Carrying the warm beige from the master bedroom, this nook in the bath area introduces a new accent color of bright red-orange with glossy black and darker woodgrains.

The bathroom is a step up from the sleeping area. The sink floats in the middle of the partition between the bathtub area and the shower.

The second bedroom at the very end gets its own wing and dramatic color scheme. This shade of fire-engine red comes close to the saturated red-orange of the bathroom, and gets toned down with steely grey bedding and black drapes for privacy.

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