Inspiring interiors that are bold and colorful

This stunning residence featuring inspiring interiors is located in Los Angeles, California by the Manhattan-based residential design firm Willey Design. The design firm is known for their thoughtful and refined approach in expressing their client’s points of view with provocative and luxuriously designed spaces. Willey likes to blend different period styles together with classic and modern furnishings infused with bold colors and proportions to create elegant sophistication in the interiors. Comfort and function are the two main criteria that are important when creating a design scheme, along with practical details. The designer always starts with the carpets and builds up from the floor. For Willey, the rugs are just the starting points for building layers of color. He does not like a place that looks like a decorator just waved a wand, did everything in two shades of one color, and then stepped out the door.

To Willey, there is nothing more boring than repeating a single color throughout the home. If he is using green in a space, he will use six shades of green, creating a space that appears that everything has come in at a separate time. To build layers in a space, Willey is always thinking about how to balance the natural light in a room with color. If you live in a place that has dark and dreary days, amp up with the space with bolder colors, then on sunny days the rooms will just light up. Willey also seems to have a tendency to use either matte or glossy (the reflections create the illusion of a higher ceiling) white paint on the ceilings. The reason for this is to provide a nice frame for all the color, to temper the intensity.

Willey never creates white-on-white spaces, he feels there is no joy in the environment, and it feels more like a posh retail store. Walking through bold and colorful rooms creates energy and the color choices reflect one’s personality. Willey gets away with mixing bright colors throughout the spaces of a home by using fabrics and rug selections that are not muddy and messy patterns. Since his colors do not mix together, the rooms are like flower arrangements, where strong colors can work together because each flower has its own separate, unique personality.

“Interior design should not be considered an experience for only the well-to-do, but for anyone interested in improving their lives by surrounding themselves with what brings them joy. For me, great design is a healthy blend of smart investment items mixed with offbeat selections, realizing the space’s full potential with a breath of fresh air,” says Willey.

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