Impressive wooden house in the mountains

Based in New York City and Newport Beach, California, M. Elle Design is a mother-daughter team that strives to combine understated elegance and comfort. The team is comprised of Mary Lynn Turner, a Southern California-based Interior Designers for over 30 years, and her daughters Marie and Emily Turner. With an impressive design portfolio, it is easy to see how the designer’s have made Elle Decor’s five to watch list.

This stunning home in the mountains is both warm and cozy, situated amidst conifer trees like a dream. This home features an understated elegance with its wood cladding, aged wooden beams and stone trimmings. For most, gray is a color that is typically not popular to immerse your surroundings in, but the way it has been used here is exceptional. The designer’s like to blend contemporary and old-world to create timeless casual chic. It seems they have blended these styles to perfection in this home.

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