Shabby chic villa design in Uruguay

Argentines Federico Bonomi and Cynthia Kern purchased this 1850’s original farmhouse in Uruguay with the idea of turning it into a hotel. When the restoration was over they decided to keep it as their own second home. It is located in Carmelo which is a short distance from the border with Argentina. Well out of the ordinary, they left some of the walls completely bare and raw and combined antique and rustic furniture, floral prints and whimsical details in every room.

During the renovation, the house grew considerably in height and breadth, but it is virtually impossible to see what was built in the 1850’s and what has been currently added. The owner’s used local and traditional materials, with raw stone walls and a flower pattern as their main theme running throughout their home. The inspiration for this theme is the couple’s clothing line called Kosiuko. Leaving several walls barren without any color, seems to be a mega-trend in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. In the photo above, the half-crazed lights in the entrance hall adds a touch of glamour and humor. Via

The couple originally thought about turning the giant Villa into a hotel, but changed their minds along the way and now it is their vacation home.

A welcoming entrance is dressed in a flowered wallpaper, which alludes to patterns that the owner’s used in collections in their fashion company Kosiuko.

The family bedrooms are located on the upper level.

The huge fireplace is decorated with ceramic tiles of varying patterns.

Mixed recycled ceramic tiles for the kitchen floor.

On the veranda is a pair of old hospital beds that the home owner painted delicious pink.

Fine old plates and matching pillow fabrics makes this a work of art.

French style rug painted by hand directly on the wood flooring in the dining room.

A rosa guest bathroom is extra romantic thanks to lots of flowers pasted on the bathtub.

Old furniture has been restored to natural beauty.

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