47 Absolutely brilliant subway tile kitchen ideas

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When it comes to a beautiful classic backsplash, nothing beats decorating with a traditional subway tile, a staple for any kitchen design. Subway tiles can make cleaning up kitchen messes an effortless task, plus there is a such a wide variety to select from, turning an ordinary kitchen and into an extraordinary kitchen. One thing […]

Black and White: 45+ Sensational kitchens to inspire

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Black and white kitchens are a gorgeous color trend that will never fade; they are classic and timeless and can be used in any decorating scheme. The kitchen is more than simply just a space for cooking and eating, it is the heart of the home, where all the activity in the home takes place. […]

A guide to choosing the perfect kitchen design

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When it comes to selecting the perfect kitchen design for your home, you need to know exactly what functions will meet your needs — whether it be a luxurious space for entertaining or an efficient space for cooking. For many the kitchen is the center of the home, where family gather round after school, or […]

4 Types of Cabinet Door Knobs

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Similar to hot spices, kitchen door handles and cupboard door knobs are little things that exercise a huge impact. While searching for one you will discover a plethora of choices to match and add to the style of your kitchen. Moreover, it’s quite effortless when you decide to alter them to add to your kitchen […]

60 Chic Scandinavian kitchen designs for enjoyable cooking

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 If you enjoy cooking in an appealing kitchen and dine surrounded by a cozy atmosphere, we have 60 Scandinavian kitchen designs that will give you tons of inspiration. Scandinavian kitchens are all very modern and simple yet at the same time elegant. A Scandinavian kitchen can have white, grey or blue walls but sometimes even […]

47 Incredibly inspiring industrial style kitchens

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Industrial style kitchens can typically be found in old buildings and lofts, but some homeowner’s love the look so much that they are mixing it into their eclectic homes. Industrial is a very precise design because you need to incorporate salvaged materials along with vintage and antique furnishings (or new furnishings that have an aged […]

55 Amazing space-saving kitchens under the stairs

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When designing your home and you have limited space, a clever strategy would be to annex the unused space to house a space-saving kitchen under the stairs. Creating a small kitchen that is functional can take some real design ingenuity. Adding the kitchen to the dead space under your staircase is no exception! Trying to make […]

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