10 Absolutely Fabulous Kitchen Design Tips For 2020

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Now that we have started a brand new year, many people are looking into attractive and creative design ideas to help spruce up their homes. Scouring the Internet for kitchen design tips and inspiration is a great idea, but all you can do is be dependent on the budget that you have. By altering a few things within your kitchen, you can help to create a whole new look to the room.

Alternatively, you may wish to go for custom made kitchens from a top-quality supplier. Some of these changes can be done at an extremely low cost while providing maximum results whilst others can cost a bit more, but give you a whole new kitchen that really works for you and your family. Take a look below for some fantastic kitchen design tips…


Change Your Cabinets

By choosing new cabinets you can spruce up the look of your kitchen. Although wooden designs are among the most popular, their design can look dated quite quickly. So why not choose something that is painted, and then the color can be easily changed in the future if you choose to. A design tip that is now being used in many kitchens involves the use of cabinets that reach to the ceiling. This eliminates clutter from mounting on top of the unit and the need for additional cleaning. Surprisingly, such ceiling-high cabinets also make the room look bigger.

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Alter Cabinet Handles

If you don’t have the funds to replace the cabinets themselves, you can create a new look by just changing their handles. Opt for something elegant, and rather fancy, leaving guests to believe that you have had a new kitchen fitted.

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Choose a New Benchtop

Simply changing your countertop can also create a new feel to your kitchen. Whatever you choose needs to be in accordance with the rest of the design in the room, and compliment any colors you have used.

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Change the Tiles

For a completely new look in your kitchen design, you can fit new tiles in the room. They can make the kitchen look more refreshed, and are easier to clean than painted walls.

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Use Some Glass

Most people have something that they would like to see on display. Whether It be some nice pieces of crockery, or perhaps a set of expensive glasses. This is where cabinets with glass doors can be used. They will break up the design of the room, and open it up slightly.

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Pick a New Color Scheme

If you are looking to redesign your kitchen, the cheapest way is to change the color scheme of the room. A fresh lick of paint can create a new feel to your kitchen while not taking much from your budget.

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Update Old Appliances

Providing your budget, purchasing new appliances can help to spruce up your kitchen. Old and dated appliances will ultimately look out of place if you are having a new design done.

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Consider Storage

Though you may have created more storage space with ceiling-high cabinets, the base cabinets can also be utilized if even more storage is needed. Many kitchen designs now incorporate sideways storage, so that every inch of the cabinet is put to use without the hassle of trying to rummage to find things right at the back.

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French Doors

People with darker kitchens can find that by installing French doors can be of huge benefit to spruce the room. Natural sunlight will be able to brighten your space and give it a whole new feel. This will make a particularly good addition to a French provincial kitchen style.

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Install an Island

All kitchens require space where you can prepare your ingredients when you are cooking. With an island, you can do this while still able to chat with family and friends or watching TV.

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 Of course, choosing a new custom made kitchen is likely to be a big purchase, so research your options carefully to ensure everything you want will fit well within your space. It’s a great idea to consult a kitchen supplier with a design team who will make the best use of your space and create a kitchen you can really be proud of.

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