25 Fabulous kitchens showcasing warm and cozy fireplaces

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We have featured inspiring kitchen articles, along with plenty of spectacular fireplace design ideas, but today we will showcase cozy fireplaces in the kitchen. You may have never thought of integrating a fireplace in your kitchen, but they can add a cozy ambiance to the heart of your home. The fireplace can be used for cooking, for added […]

45 Most Pinteresting Kitchens Featured on 1 Kindesign for 2016

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2016 has been a fabulous year, full of brilliant home tours with some pretty snazzy kitchens that have been pinned to many Pinterest boards for inspiration. Whether you were looking at kitchens just for pure eye candy or seeking out inspiration for your future dream home or remodel, we have featured plenty for your Pinterest […]

30+ Brilliant kitchen island ideas that make a statement

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A kitchen island adds style and efficiency, not only does it increase your counter and storage space, it also gives you a prep station, and extra space for seating — and there is so much more! We have put together a collection of versatile kitchens to suit every need, whether you love to bake, cook or need an island […]

43 Dramatic black kitchens that make a bold statement

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We see sparkling white kitchens everywhere and they do look beautiful, however have you considered instead a dramatic and chic black kitchen that can be just as functional and just as aesthetically pleasing! A space dressed in black is very timeless and sophisticated, not to mention it can create a cozy living environment with a lot […]

35 Clever ideas to help organize your kitchen pantry

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When designing your kitchen pantry, its not always about aesthetics, its more about practicality and functionality, pantries help you to keep organized and be able to visually see everything you have stored in a neat and tidy fashion. Having plenty of storage space in the pantry is typically an important factor for most families when […]

55 Most cool kitchen designs on 1 Kindesign for 2015

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Kitchens are the heart of the home, a central feature that is very important to many homeowners, so we thought we would put together a feature of the most favorite kitchen pins on Pinterest. Today we present to you a collection of the most re-pinned kitchens that we featured during the whole year of 2015 here […]

50 Ultimate farmhouse style kitchens for cooking and entertaining

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Farmhouse style kitchens are very charming and rustic, with plenty of raw wood and natural light, they offer a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for entertaining guests. There is something about this style of kitchen that gets your attention, but not in the same way a contemporary kitchen would. They offer a romantic atmosphere of raw materials and clean […]

40 Amazing and stylish kitchens with concrete countertops

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Concrete is a beautiful and very durable material, super customizable with an incredibly long lifespan, concrete countertops are the perfect application for any kitchen. With a minimalist and sleek appearance, concrete fits perfectly into any home or loft, giving a contemporary or industrial feel. A little more edgy than other countertop materials, it can be very […]

52 Incredibly fabulous breakfast nook design ideas

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Large or small, incorporating a light-filled breakfast nook into your home is an incredibly perfect way to make the most of extra space in or adjacent to your kitchen. Whatever you are doing in this space, kicking back and relaxing or spending time with your family, the breakfast nook is the ideal space to begin […]

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