A guide to choosing the perfect kitchen design

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When it comes to selecting the perfect kitchen design for your home, you need to know exactly what functions will meet your needs — whether it be a luxurious space for entertaining or an efficient space for cooking.

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For many the kitchen is the center of the home, where family gather round after school, or when they get home from work, tell each other what’s happened in their day and hopefully enjoy a home cooked meal.

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If this describes your home then ask yourself this

  1. Do we need space for a big kitchen table?
  2. Do we often entertain guests?
  3. How much storage space do we need?
  4. Are we going to cook on gas or electric?
  5. Do we want a big free-standing refrigerator/freezer?
  6. Do we want integrated appliances?

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Modern Kitchens vs Traditional Kitchens

This is where homeowners either end up in a big disagreement because you both want the opposite kitchen style to each other or you’re so connected that you instantly know your style.

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Most kitchens, be it a modern Pronorm kitchen or traditional bespoke kitchen, can be installed in any way you wish. Some helpful tips should enable you gain some perspective of the direction you wish to go with your kitchen, saving you time once you start looking through some inspirational images of kitchens.

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Speak to a kitchen or custom cabinet designer and ask their advice on what works best, they are the professionals and usually know every possible option available.

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Tip #1

Take note of your home’s architectural style from the exterior for cues, what style is it? A great recommendation is to have hints of your home’s exterior on the inside. If you have a Cape Cod style exterior, but you’re not necessarily into that style for your decor, you could give it a nod by adding a subtle texture. For example, adding beadboard to an island with a more modern countertop, this will help your whole home feel more put together.

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Tip #2

Take stock of your furnishings and accessories. Use styles that fit with the rest of your home. If you tend to choose more traditional furnishings and accessories, your kitchen style should blend with your decor. Select a photo of your happiest memories and take note of color and design details everywhere. Next search through images in magazines or online that displays a similar character.

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Tip #3

Be sure to consider what appliances you may need, as this can alter the design and planning of your new kitchen. Gas, electric, induction hobs come in various styles and dimensions as well as refrigerators finished in chrome, steel, white and black.

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Tip #4

Did you know you can save vital time in the kitchen with instant hot water taps? You need hot water to cook pasta or making a cup of tea after a long day at work. Don’t wait up to a minute for the kettle to boil just turn on a tap and you’ve got boiling water.

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