Exceptional multi-level holiday retreat in Bali: Villa Mana

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Villa Mana is an exceptional holiday retreat embracing spacious and stylish interiors, located in tropical Canggu, Bali, Indonesia, featuring spectacular rice terrace vistas and mountain views. The revolutionary architecture and interior design showcases floors of continuous poured black concrete and walls crafted in a combination of glass, stone and wood. With 3.7 meter high ceilings, sexy black decor, rooftop accommodation, water features, hanging gardens, custom designed furnishings and state-of-the-art technology, the property is vast, unique and undeniable chic.

To stay at this luxury villa, rates range from $725 – $1,550 /night, from here.

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Villa Mana is entered via a bridge over a shallow pool fed by a water cascade and lined with black candi stone. As well as being an architectural feature of the villa, this also makes for a wonderful children’s paddling pool. To the left of the entrance pool is a flat grass lawn dotted with palms and furnished with sun loungers.

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The villa is comprised of three master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, two large king-bedded rooms with en-suite bathrooms, and a kids’ room that sleeps three. There is a spacious communal area for living, lounging and dining, an 18 x 6 meter infinity-edge pool, a children’s playroom/entertainment room, an upstairs TV room / study, a poolside ‘bale’ cabana, and a massive open-air rooftop deck. This impressive property is aimed at discerning guests who appreciate architectural significance, luxurious surroundings and natural beauty. The villa also presents a team of efficient friendly staff who epitomize the legendary Balinese hospitality with a top level of service.

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The minimalist modern architecture – clean lines, contemporary furnishings, expanses of polished concrete – imaginatively incorporate local materials to create statement walls of rough-hewn river stone, woven rattan, patterned silk and stained tropical hardwood.

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Villa Mana is a member of the Canggu Club (Bali’s first country club) and the villa guests are eligible to use the club facilities, which include a full gym & spa, tennis & squash courts, football pitch, large pool and all its F&B facilities.

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