1965 midcentury house transformed into a luminous oasis in Los Feliz


Woods + Dangaran was commissioned to update, upgrade, and restore this 1965 midcentury house that was originally designed by influential Los Angeles–based modernist architect Craig Ellwood, nestled in Los Feliz, California. Consisting of 1,700 square feet of living space, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms in this fabulous dwelling that captures the spirit of California modernism.

New life is given to this dwelling with an exacting exterior restoration and an interior renovation, all while maintaining the integrity of the original design. Needing significant work, the shell of the home is upgraded to preserve the longevity of the structure and to meet contemporary performance standards.


Small adjustments to the layout of the bathrooms and kitchen update this home for modern living and comfort. This small-scale home offers an informed blend of custom contemporary and authentic mid-century furnishings are carefully scaled into the compact, open living area.


Throughout the home, natural materials extend the intention of the original detailing. Earth-toned ceramic tile, ribbed glass, brass-plated hardware, dark marbles with golden veining, black granite, and honey-toned teak all enrich the interior.


What We Love: This 1965 midcentury house in California was painstakingly restored to its former glory by preserving original details such as the shape, open plan and large windows. At the front entryway of this dwelling, the impressive 60-foot-long lap pool runs the length of the original structure. We are also loving the Koi pond that runs parallel to the pool, another preserved feature that makes this home unique, with its teak bridge pathway that leads to the entry stairs.

Tell Us: What do you think of the overall restoration of the interior and exterior of this home? Would you change anything? Let us know in the Comments, we love reading your feedback!

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PHOTOGRAPHER Joe Fletcher Photography

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Gavin Elster
13 days ago

Um. ..would be nice to give some credit to the Moore family, who commissioned this house, and lived in it for many years.

14 days ago

The house is a masterpiece of both architecture and interior design.

1 month ago

Love everything about this house except those exterior wood stairs. Look like an afterthought.

1 month ago

Perfection, except for the living room. The soda color was so far off from everything else. And the rug looked bohemian.

1 month ago
Reply to  Susan

Didn’t like any of the living room furniture. Lol that bathroom tho was a work of art

Robert Sweet
1 month ago

Stunning! Absolute perfection for this style of home. The wood paneling throughout is flawless. Also, so nice to see the floor plan and section.