23 Spooktacular Outdoor Halloween Decorations To Haunt Your Yard

As Halloween draws near, it’s the perfect time to turn your outdoor space into a bone-chilling spectacle that will impress your neighbors and give trick-or-treaters a good scare. The key to creating a successful outdoor Halloween display is to let your imagination run wild. Combine elements from our eerie collection below to conjure up your very own haunted landscape.

Whether you prefer a creepy graveyard scene, a witch’s hideaway, or a zombie uprising, these decorations will inspire you to DIY your own outdoor Halloween scene that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who visits your home. So, get into the Halloween spirit and get ready to give your yard a spine-tingling transformation like never before.

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1. Creepy Spiders.

outdoor halloween decorations with spiders and webs and pumpkins

Scatter oversized spiders and their webs all over your house and front porch to give visitors the feeling that they’ve stumbled upon a spider’s lair. Add in some traditional pumpkins with spooky faces and add some LED tea lights with timers for a spooky effect when the sun goes down. (via marcela_oreo)

2. The Halloween House.

front porch with Halloween decorations including a skeleton and pumpkins

front porch with Halloween decorations

This hauntingly creative front porch features an assortment of pumpkins decorating the steps and a large skeleton waiting to greet your trick-or-treaters. Layer in some cornstalks, hanging ghosts, a “Halloween” sign, bats, and string lights for ambiance. (via @jordanlanehomes)

3. Cemetery Scene.

Halloween haunted cemetery in your front yard

Set up a faux cemetery with tombstones, skeletons, and eerie fog machines. Watch as your front yard transforms into a spooky burial ground. To create this spooky scene, you can either purchase tombstones at a Halloween supply store or anywhere that sells Halloween decor such as Michael’s and JoAnne’s, or DIY the tombstones. This can be done using foam board, and black paint or spray paint. Use a white paint pen to add the names and dates. To keep the tombstones from falling over, secure them into the ground by using a 12-inch (or longer) tent spike, rebar, bamboo, or fiberglass sticks. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

4. Spooky Bats.

front door Halloween display with spooky bats

Welcome your trick-or-treaters with a festive Halloween front porch. DIY your own banner using patterned craft paper, and embellish a plain foam wreath form with ribbon and string for your front door. Layer in pumpkins and mums, and complete the look with either a garland of leaves or spooky bats that you can DIY with Black Cardstock Paper along with any other decorative items to help create a spooky look. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

5. Creepy Skeletons.

spooky skeletons on your front yard

It’s not Halloween without decorating with some outdoor skeleton figures! They are a must when it comes to decorating your yard. They can be placed on your front porch, on the ground or even lurking in your trees. Scatter bones or skulls around the yard, or even have them emerging from the ground for a spine-tingling effect. (via The Martha Project)

6. Skeleton Fire Pit.

skeletons around a fire pit

This simple spooky scene can be easily created in your front yard. All you need is some skeletons, hay bales, and logs with string lights for the fire pit. You can add some sticks in the skeleton’s hands to pretend they are roasting marshmallows, a cup in their hands, or even add a guitar to make it seem like they are playing music! (via Marsha F Cassidy via BDC Network)

7. Zombie Invasion.

Halloween decorated yard with zombies and skeletons

Halloween decorated yard with zombies and skeletons at dusk

Create a scene of post-apocalyptic horror with a large zombie figure emerging from the ground or lurking behind trees. Add some skeletons, spiders, skull lights, and purple string lights for a spooky scene in the evening hours to greet your trick-or-treating guests. (via The Home Depot)

8. Witch’s Cauldron.

witches cauldron on the front yard for Halloween decorations

A bubbling cauldron illuminated with eerie green lighting and surrounded by a trio of witch’s silhouettes will make your home the talk of the neighborhood. Underneath the cauldron is a grouping of skulls with orange string lights for an extra spooky effect. Don’t forget the witches brooms! (via Pinterest)

9. Wicked Witch Legs.

witch flying school sign with witches legs in the bushes in front of a house

Add a creative touch to your front yard with some witch’s legs coming out of your bushes. For this DIY, simply insert wooden dowels into the center of foam pool noodles, then place the noodles into the legs of the striped tights. Position these whimsical figures, feet pointing skyward, amidst your bushes, and add witchy shoes pointing in various directions for a playful touch. Don’t forget to include a sign to recruit new students to put the finishing touch on your display. Get the free printable Witch Flying School Sign Template. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

10. Spooky Halloween Cemetery.

outdoor yard with spooky Halloween decorations

The 5-foot tall witch yard stake with a lantern draped over the witch’s hand is from @decorsteals and will add so much spooky fun to your yard. At nighttime, the lantern will add an extra spooky Halloween glow! The spiders are secured to the side of the house with @command hooks, while the tombstones are secured using yard stakes (added to the bottom). FYI: The house paint color is @romabiopaints masonry flat in Bianco White. (via @ncmodernfarmhousedesign⁠)

11. Tomato Cage Ghosts.

DIY tomato cage ghosts

These tomato cage ghosts are simple to DIY, just repurpose a garden tomato cage and wrap string lights around the structure. Add a styrofoam ball to the top of the inverted tomato cage, inserting it into the prongs. Cover with a white sheet, tablecloth, or cheesecloth, and add some spooky eyeballs. For the eyes, use black marker, felt, construction paper, or even Googly eyes and glue them securely to the white material. These spooky ghosts can be placed on your front yard or your porch. (via Morgan’s Crafty-misadventures)

12. Skeleton Halloween.

outdoor yard skeletons carrying a coffin for halloween

Large skeletons are propped up with rebar, which also holds the wooden box. Dog skeletons are affixed to the wooden box appearing to gobble at some faux foliage. (via Spooky Sister Chronicles)

13. Spooktacular Front Yard.

outdoor halloween decorations with pumpkins and ghastly ghosts hanging from the trees

Hang ghastly ghosts and skeletons from your trees or porch for a hauntingly beautiful touch. You can also add spider webs or glowing eyes into the surrounding trees in your yard for an extra eerie effect. For the finishing touch, illuminate your pathway with pumpkin pathway lights and jack-o-lanterns. (via Deborah Ory)

14. Campfire Cowboys.

skeleton cowboys sitting around a faux campfire in the yard for Halloween

A trio of skeletons are enjoying a campfire, cowboy style! For the campfire, place sticks standing up and wrap them with orange string lights to create the appearance of fire. Sit the skeletons on hay bales and give them some sticks to roast marshmallows! Top the skeletons off with some cowboy hats and tie bandannas around their necks… and don’t forget to add some large eyeballs for a spooky effect. Green garden stakes are used to secure the skeletons to the hay bales. Your neighbors will love this Halloween yard decoration! (via Tine White via Pinterest)

15. Hauntingly Beautiful Home.

haunted house with jack-o-lanterns lining the driveway

This Halloween-decorated house is so hauntingly beautiful and gives all the spooky vibes. All you need is A LOT of pumpkins to line your driveway or pathway leading up to your front door. Add a spooky black cat decal to your front window to add to the overall haunted house vibe. At the top of the steps, you could add some lighted pumpkins instead of the mums for some evening ambiance. A fog machine would also add a chilling effect for the night of Halloween. (via @kjp)

16. DIY Floating Witch Hats.

skeletons on the front porch with lighted pumpkins and floating witches hats

Hang witch’s hats at various lengths from your front porch using Command hooks and fishing lines. You can also illuminate these witch hats with LED puck lights, glow sticks, or tea lights. These can be on a remote control or timer. The lighted pumpkin decor on the front porch is the “Haunted Living 20.08-in Lighted Jack-o-lantern Free Standing Decoration”. (via @myrusticmodernhome)

17. Garden Ghosts.

outdoor garden ghosts

Ghosts are a must when it comes to Halloween decorating in your yard and they are a simple DIY. All you need is a foam core ball, beach ball, or helium balloon for the head. Be sure to add some eyes and a mouth and layer a sheet over them. Mount them on a garden stake and scatter them through your yard or hang them from your trees. (via Pinterest)

18. Dancing DIY Ghosts.

dancing ghosts in the front yard for halloween

Add these DIY dancing ghosts to your front yard, a great way to get into the spooky season. (via @VanscoyAlly)

19. Ghost Logs.

ghost logs outdoor yard spooky decorations

For this spooky Halloween yard decoration, simply repurpose some logs by spray painting them white and adding eyes and a nose with black paint. These can be used to decorate anywhere in your yard or front porch to greet trick-or-treaters. You can also transform these logs into snowmen in the wintertime by adding a black hat, a carrot nose, twig arms, and a scarf. (via Pinterest)

20. Spooky Tree Pumpkin.

spooky tree pumpkin with corn stalks

A spooky Halloween display with cornstalks and jack-o’-lanterns. Transform a large tree in your yard into a scary pumpkin monster. First, you will need a light-up towering pumpkin creep and attach it with rope to your tree. Then surround it with corn stalk bundles that can be found at Home Depot. Add some leaves around your tree, and some spooky jack-o-lanterns. Add a spotlight and a fog machine for the full spooky effect. (via Pinterest)

21. Halloween Porch.

Halloween decorated front porch

This absolutely spooktacular Halloween porch display features a pumpkin arch, a gold skeleton, and a ghost. To create this look, begin with a grapevine garland, and run twinkle lights through it. Add in some sticks gathered from your yard. Next, layer in some spooky black picks, mini jack-o-lanterns, and foam skulls. Give it an eerie look by stringing in some Spanish moss. Fill in the porch with some pumpkin topiaries, and a spooky tree, and mix in some real and faux pumpkins. Get the full video tutorial at the provided link. (via @macy.blackwell)

22. Spooktacular Front Porch.

Halloween porch decorations

This Halloween porch is decorated with grapevine garland sourced from Hobby Lobby and affixed to the brick using Command Hooks. Run twinkle lights through the garland and then jam sticks into the grapevine (collected from your yard or a nearby forest). Add spooky black picks, mini jack-o-lanterns, and foam skulls. String is some Spanish moss to add an eerie vibe. Layer in some pumpkin topiaries, a spooky tree, and a mix of real and faux pumpkins. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via @macy.blackwell)

23. Hanging Ghosts.

hanging ghosts from the trees on halloween

Create a haunted home with ghosts hanging from your trees that will appear like they are flying when the wind blows. To create this spooky look, use an assortment of ghosts and attach small hooks to the top of their heads. Use a galvanized steel wire and run it from tree to tree. Use fishing line for the smaller ghosts. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via @macy.blackwell)

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