Charming rustic country house breathes new life in Emporda, Spain


This rustic country house was an old rectory of the town that’s been renovated by designer Catalina Alós, located in Emporda, a natural and historical region of Catalonia, Spain. The owners are a pair of empty-nesters who had dreamed of renovating their house in the village and using it as their personal escape. From damaged and old-fashioned, it has become a haven of peace, with soft colors and natural materials, the dream to start a new era. Continue below to see the tour…


The history of this house is very beautiful, the owners bought it as a place of enjoyment for the whole family. Now that the children have grown, it is their private refuge.


The house was the old rectory of the town. It was very damaged, with a popcorn ceiling and old tiles but you could tell that the structure was very beautiful. Above all, there was no natural light. The first thing they did was tear down walls to open up the interior spaces and let in the light. The arches were the bottom of a terrace, they opened them with galvanized steel frame windows.


One of the premises of the reform was to open the interior to the exterior, which was done at various points, and connecting the inside and the outside with large windows tailored to the original arches. 


Thanks to the French windows, the living room became brighter. To take advantage of the light, the living room and dining room were placed next to each other. 


With a clear vision, the designer sought to apply a palette of soft tones, original materials, and attention to detail throughout. The ceilings are painted with lime paint. On the wall, it’s a toasted flour shade, which contributes to the rustic, natural look. 


All of the plaster was removed and the floors were restored. Radiant heating was put underneath. The old doors were also restored.


It was important for the owners that the rehabilitation maintained the essence and many of the original elements of the house. One of them is this fireplace, which now acts as a decorative element thanks to the recycled glass demijohn vases and other ornaments, which combine with the painting that crowns it. 


The house was very dark and the owner wanted to gain light. The light color palette was a way to get a brighter house. 


The kitchen was reconfigured, one of the great changes of the rehab. The furniture was made by a local carpenter and adds a rustic touch to this country kitchen.


What We Love: This rustic country house offers a cozy retreat for a couple to take refuge in a beautiful environment surrounded by gardens. The rehab offers a stunning display of preserved details mixed with updated elements to create an overall eye-pleasing design for comfortable living. We are loving the indoor-outdoor connection, drenching the interiors with natural light while capturing views of the countryside setting.

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In the bedroom, the closet doors are reclaimed. The exposed beams are faux. The woods were placed together to give it a more authentic look.


This bathroom was also adapted to the original architecture of the house. With the sink area embedded in the wall, it is completely delimited. Instead of placing a piece of furniture, in order not to lose its lightness or its rustic style, a wooden table was selected on which the countertop sink is placed.  


On the second floor, this relaxed lounge space was planned, fleeing from the artifice and following the same aesthetic as the rest of the house. To let the light shine through, a glass wall was installed and, to give it a more relaxed look, fibers and wood were combined with white and blue. 


The bathrooms are all new with microcement tiles and radiant heat flooring. 


Before the house was not connected with its exterior. The new windows have made it look out over the lush garden.


The ivy gives the facade of this rustic country house an ecological protective layer. In summer it cools the house and in winter it helps it not get cold.

Photos: El Mueble

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2 years ago

Beautiful! I can see myself enjoying this villa!