Chalet-like home with a Boho vibe set against the majestic Rocky Mountains


Cashmere Interiors is responsible for the design of this chalet-like home nestled high up in the hills of the Yellowstone Club, a residential community just west of Big Sky, Montana. This fun project exudes positive energy, entitled “Mountain Mama” (possibly John Denver inspired?) With a beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, this home features a natural wood reclaimed timber framework. The interiors scheme reflects a boldly happy and cheerful design that just makes you smile.

The expansive windows are truly a “window to the world”, as they frame and embrace the majestic wilderness surroundings.  The rich blues, rusts, and saffrons connect throughout the interiors and meld the bohemian vibe seamlessly into a ski chalet. The Cashmere team clearly had fun with this one. Bold wallpaper prints, quirky fabrics and a thread of taxidermy show a sense of humor, whimsy and allows guests to drop any pretense at the door. Upon entering this design, you know it’s okay to kick up your feet up and relax; there will be a good time had by all!


What We Love: The design team has successfully injected a touch of whimsy throughout this chalet-like home with the graphical prints and patterned fabrics and rugs. Enormous windows framing the majestic snow-capped mountains add a feeling of serenity to this beautiful home. We could imagine how wonderful it would be to spend the holidays lounging in this fabulous home and enjoying the beauty of the Rocky Mountains!

Tell Us: What do you think, do you like the playful Bohemian vibe that is used to decorate throughout the interiors? Any details you would have done differently? Let us know in the Comments!

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Photos: Courtesy of Cashmere Interiors

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4 years ago

i like the living room, with the expansive glass that provides a view of the mountains. but i suppose this entry is primarily about the interior design, which i consider to be generally quite creepy. there are too many animal heads hanging on the walls. would you *really* want a huge animal head hanging over your bed??? the mountain goat’s head over the toilet?…it’s enough to make you want to do your business and get the hell out of there as quickly as possible.