The Costa Rican jungle house

This spectacular villa is located in the central Pacific area of Costa Rica near the Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos. Designed by Architect Juan Robles who sought to keep balance between design and nature, for a committed and respectful interaction of the two, where architecture can stand out and blend into it’s environment. Casa MC1 exhibits exquisite conformity to this concept, working its striking modernity into the lush Costa Rican habitat and proving a love of nature and desire for design need not mean a compromise. There is a vast amount of glass and steel, but the interior of the home still manages to keep warm with the introduction of indoor/outdoor reflection pools. The home also features natural cross ventilation, high luminosity and the use of a rain water collection system that feeds the swimming pools and the reflecting pools inside the house. Plenty of natural light filters into the structure through windows, skylights and courtyards to avoid the use of artificial lighting during daylight hours.

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