Rustic mountain home in Montana’s Rocky Mountains creates zen feeling

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Located in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, this rustic mountain home has been designed by Locati Architects in collaboration with interiors studio Cashmere Interior. The scope of the project entailed challenging the design team to create a rustic mountain aesthetic all the while using tones of white as the backdrop. To achieve this, the designers carefully selected a white wash formula for all the wood work, timbers and custom cabinetry, which read as modern with depth and warmth at the same time. The completed result for this spectacular home was a feeling of Zen! We have that feeling just looking out those expansive floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room. Framing mesmerizing views of a forested tree line and snow-capped mountains in the distance, it does not get more peaceful than this.

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The interior design scheme is very relaxing with stylish furnishings and finishes that are visually stunning. The light color scheme is serene and helps to not detract from the beautiful scenery that awaits you outside. The home was designed to maximize the views of the rugged mountain landscape. Highly textural fabrics were used to add warmth to the interior spaces to meet the needs of an environment that can get very chilly during the long winter months.

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What We Love: This rustic mountain home showcases beautiful material elements of rustic wood flooring, exposed wood trusses and the use of wood and stone on the exterior. Each space seems to flow harmoniously from one to the next, visually connected by the same light color palette throughout. This is a peaceful and relaxing home that would make the perfect mountain retreat to enjoy cooler summers and a snow-filled holiday in the winter.

Readers, what do you think of this mountain home, would this be your idea of a dream vacation retreat? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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“The team used a mix of Danish, geometric, and modern lighting, inviting upholstery and lush rugs to create their trademark look of textural sophistication,” states Cashmere Interior.

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Photos: Audrey Hall

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1 year ago

Is it gray or cream?

3 years ago

Wondering what color the gray was. It sounds like it was a type of paint white wash?? Was it painted on over pine beams? Really like it, hope you can share what that formula was. Thanks in advance.

Bessy Assimacopoulos
4 years ago

Really enjoying the spaces! Beautiful architecture and design. Waterloo Ontario Canada