Modern family home is an urban oasis in San Francisco

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This stunning three-story modern family home renovation was successfully completed by the creative team at YamaMar Design, located in the outer Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, California. The goal of this 4,500 square foot, four bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home was to be an urban oasis for the homeowners. They were looking for interior spaces that were minimal and modern, yet infused with warmth. They also wanted the architects to create a design that blurs the boundaries between indoors and out. The original floor plan did not have a usable top level, so the architects made an addition with a third story. The main level is now open and spacious, consisting of the living, dining and entertaining spaces.

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Tucked under the street-facing deck above the garage, the architects designed a spacious in-law suite. The newly developed backyard offers al fresco dining, with walls built up to protect from the wind. An outdoor deck on the upper level allows the homeowners to enjoy breathtaking city views while having privacy from the street. The exterior facade is comprised of STK Cedar and Corten steel. Connecting the open plan kitchen, dining and living area to the backyard is a LaCantina folding door system.

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Beautiful modern designed spaces was carried out by interior designer Alison Damonte Design. The flooring throughout the main living spaces is wide plank engineered white oak.

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What We Love: This modern family home renovation project has a lot of fantastic features to be admired, especially the backyard. To have a space like that in the heart of the city is wonderful, encouraging family to spend time outdoors in privacy. The newly designed spaces are bright and airy and merge beautifully with the outdoors.

Readers, what do you think of this renovation project, is there anything you would have like to have seen done differently?

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Above: The kitchen backsplash features eye-catching tiles from Heath Ceramics in the Dwell Patterns collection, Wide Hex Stack.

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Above: The children’s bathroom features a beautiful aqua glazed hex tile embedded in plaster.

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Above: The entire backyard space was transformed into an urban patio for outdoor living, very quintessential California living. There is plenty of space for urban gardening, comfortable seating spaces, a fire pit and a dining table for entertaining friends and family. A wood pathway leads up the terraced backyard, while string lights helps to add to the ambiance in the evening.

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Photos: Bruce Damonte

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monica batae
7 years ago

i love this house!!!
i have a small house in a small country -!!and if i knew is it possible to make such a beautiful house then i would do it in the same way!!!
now i,m looking to change something in my house and i don,t know how!
so if you can help me i will be very happy!!

H.P. Loathecraft
7 years ago

Extraordinary design