Living the simple life in a fully renovated 180 square foot camper


A family of five purchased a 31 foot 2003 Cougar Keystone camper for just $8,000, taking just three weeks and just under $3,000 to renovate. The backstory on this tiny home on wheels: a couple with three children sold their five-bedroom home and purchased land to build their future dream home. They discovered it would be more expensive to rent an apartment than they have expected, so they opted to live on their property—capitalizing on the tiny house movement!

This fully-renovated, chic 180 square foot camper has taken down roots in Ventura, California. When the family originally bought the camper, it was old and dirty and felt completely dark. To save money, the couple did most of the renovations themselves, which took three weeks to complete. The husband had done some work in construction in the past for basic knowledge and anything more technical, they figured it out!


The original blue carpeting in the camper was replaced with pale timber flooring. Cabinetry and built-in furniture was also torn out and replaced for a more minimal aesthetic. The original wallcovering was replaced with wood trim. As for sleeping arrangements, the tight quarters offered little room, so they had to think creatively.


The secret to keeping their tiny home tidy—they have learned to accept the saying, “less is more”. They have a hard, fast rule, they don’t buy a lot and if something new is purchased, they have to get rid of something.


The couple share a master bedroom, while their three young children sleep in triple bunk beds, located at the opposing end of the RV. Sliding doors offers privacy throughout the interior.


What We Love: This inspiring camper renovation shows how one can live on a budget with organization and minimal design details. The key to the success of this home is for everything to have its place. A compact design with clean lines helps to make this home feel more spacious than it actually is. We are loving this cozy, small home… how about you? Please let us know your thoughts in the Comments!

Note: To see more behind the scenes information about the journey this family has gone through to create their RV renovation, have a look at the homeowner’s blog, Arrows and Bow.




Above: This small kitchen features a graphic patterned ceramic tile backsplash.


Above: Throughout this tiny home are light fixtures sourced from Lucent Lightshop.


Above: The kitchen countertop is a repurposed IKEA desktop that was cut down to size.



Above: The camper is parked on their property at the bottom of the lot, a temporary shelter while the family prepares to build their dream home.

Photos: Ashley Petrone via Dwell

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5 months ago

What color paint on the walls and cabinets?

6 years ago

This is amazing! What a beautiful job they did!

6 years ago

Love it. Did you have to change out or add in air conditioning or heating?

6 years ago

I enjoy seeing homes like this with style, but very affordable. I hope to do the same thing as this family one day.