Secluded mountain modern home in Martis Camp surrounded by forest


This spectacular mountain modern home was designed by Ward-Young Architecture, located in Martis Camp, a luxurious private community in Truckee, California. This home stretches across a rocky site with panoramic views of the Carson Range to the east. A retreat family room is situated near the most prominent rock outcropping on the south end of the site, and sits up in the air just off the outcropping like a tree house, and connects to the home by one of the namesake bridges enclosed in glass.

The other bridge is a wooden structure linking the main terrace to the master bedroom terrace and spa area. The unique stone and concrete fireplace design is located at the center of the home, as requested by the homeowners. This helps to create a visual separation between the living and dining spaces. The fireplace also centers on the large pivot entry door, and culminates in a clerestory dormer that washes natural light down into the main space and across the stone finish of the chimney.


What We Love: This mountain modern home offers plenty of privacy and seclusion thanks to its forested surroundings. Expansive walls of glass helps to blur the boundaries between indoors and out while allowing the homeowners the opportunity to feel immersed in nature. The views surrounding this home are spectacular, creating a tranquil atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Overall, this home offers an inviting design both indoors and out—loving the outdoor fire pit! …Readers, what details of this home are you loving? Tell us your thoughts in the Comments below!!

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Photos: Vance Fox Photography

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