21 Incredibly creepy outdoor decorating ideas for Halloween

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We have put together a collection of outdoor halloween inspiration to turn your property into a spooktacular landscape that will surely scare your trick-or-treaters. Halloween is a fun time of the year and a time where you can get your creative juices flowing and devise a plan to transform your yard. If you have no idea where to start, don’t worry, we have some great ideas below, with some tips on how to put these scary scenes together. So try creating an enchanting and spooky landscape this Halloween season with our collection of ideas below. Be sure to let us know which one you find the scariest and why in the comments below!

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1. Pumpkin King Scarecrow

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This “Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Pumpkin King Scarecrow” is perfect for your lawn decoration. A battery operated tea light illuminates the pumpkin face. You could easily DIY this scarecrow with a faux or real pumpkin head using your own scary carved out face! (via Etsy)

2. DIY Cemetery On Your Lawn

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A wheelbarrow full of bones will is a simple DIY. Head to your local store that sells skeletons and fill a wheelbarrow full of leaves to place your skeleton structure in. (via countryfair-joanne)

3. Design A Spooktacular Cemetery

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Transform your property into a graveyard with tombstones constructed out of large pieces of foam. You can also purchase tombstones already to place on your yard from places such as Home Depot, Target or Walmart. An old bike can be repurposed to seat a 6′ rubber skeleton. This one includes seasonal flowers in a basket and a festive scarf for the occasion! (via countryfair-joanne)

4. Graveyard With A Spooky Ambiance

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Add a fog machine to your spooky graveyard to set the tone, perfect for after dark! (via countryfair-joanne)

5. Ghost Costumes

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Simple yet sinister, these DIY grim reapers were created using drop cloths from Lowe’s. They were then dyed a slightly darker color to replicate the look of the props around them.Black material was used under them to give the appearance of “floating” in low light. A black, see-through material was used on the inside of the hood to create a faceless look. (via Grim Hallow Haunt)

6. Cloaked Ghosts

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These cool Halloween decorations will add some scare factor to your property. There were created out of wood for the base and mounted on a metal pole. A few other elements helped to create these eerie ghouls that will be sure to scare your trick-or-treaters! These would go well at your front door, or set off to the side, looking menacing! (via Grim Graham / Flickr)

7. Enter At Your Own Risk!

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Take heed of this warning, “Touch Nothing and Nothing will Touch You!” A warning for your guests—beware and be scared! This creepy DIY project involves a scary sign with a skeleton wrapped around it. The skeleton is covered in an old, warm out cloth to add to the creepy factor. (via Yard Haunt)

8. Looming Pumpkin Scarecrow

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-08-1 Kindesign

Twas the nightmare before Christmas… and this pumpkin scarecrow is walking away with the happy pumpkins. (via Grim Graham / Flickr)

9. Barbie Zombies

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-09-1 Kindesign

These barbie zombies were inspired by the movie, “The Walking Dead”. Dowels were used to help these barbies to stand upright, running up through the back of their clothing and into their nappy hair. These would also look great on a mantel or coffee table. Shop for old barbies at a thrift store. Materials List: gray & white spray paint, dye in brown or mixture of colors (powdered or liquid), craft paint in brown, black, white, red, reddish brown and paint pens in yellow and gray. (via Crafts By Amanda)

10. Dirt-Stained Mummy

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-10-1 Kindesign

Fill your yard with these full-figure mummies. They are simple to create for those that love to DIY, otherwise, you can copy this look by purchasing the mummy at a store. Some of the materials you will need includes plywood, quilt batting, muslin and wire. Some black, gray and green spray paint will add some color to appear like the mummy came out of the ground. Head to the link for the full tutorial. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

11. Creepy Pumpkin Skeleton

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-11-1 Kindesign

This creepy pumpkin DIY was crafted from cheesecloth with a skeleton underneath, a faux angry pumpkin head and a tea light to illuminate the face. This spooky character will be sure to scare your guests if you place it by your front door, porch or patio. Give this guy a friend to double the scare factor! (via Halloween Forum)

12. Witches Brewing Pot

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Elaborate and spooky at the same time, this scene will be sure to delight and scare your visitors. To DIY, you will need some tree branches for the support structure. Hang a cauldron in the middle, while illuminated mason jars hanging from rope helps to balance the edges. Add some green lighting in the cauldron (battery-operated), red lighting in a wood fire pit underneath. Some frightened pumpkins at in the foreground and menacing witches in the background. An eerie mist can be coming out of the cauldron, either by a fog machine or dry ice. (via Grim Hallow Haunt)

13. Wheelbarrow Filled With Skeleton Bones

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-13-1 Kindesign

Grab a wheelbarrow, fill it with mulch, add some skeleton bones, a feathered black crow, affix a hovering vulture and you have a simple yet effective DIY for your outdoor Halloween decor. (via Pinterest)

14. Spooky Cemetery Entryway

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-14-1 Kindesign

This DIY idea transforms the entryway of your home into an eerie cemetery entrance. Cardboard boxes or large pieces of wood can be used to construct the walls of the entrance. Use black paint for the exterior, leaving a few exposed bricks to show depth. You will need to cut an arch opening for access to your front door. The finishing touch is to use white paint to paint the letters “cemetery” over the opening. Some cobwebs and a spider adds to the overall spookiness. (via Pinterest)

15. Halloween Skeletons Climbing A House

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-15-1 Kindesign

This skeleton invasion features a skeleton trying to rescue another skeleton through the window. A simple DIY for those that are looking for a spooky effect that doesn’t take a lot of time to put together! (via CotCozy)

16. Spiders And Skeletons Oh My!

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-16-1 Kindesign

Love the whole Halloween feature wall, beginning with a silhouette in the upper window and cobwebs and spiders all over the wall. Skeletons appear to be climbing the corner of the wall, while a cloaked skeleton in the foreground is walking her skeleton dogs on a leash. A fantastic DIY to copy, your guests will love it! (via

17. Skeleton Coming Out Of Your Shrubs

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-17-1 Kindesign

A simple DIY if you have a handy shrub on your property that needs some spooky decorating. All you need is a skeleton, or skeleton parts to embed in the tree. This will add an element of surprise… don’t forget the fog machine for ambiance! (via Halloween Formum)

18. Spying Skeleton Yard Display

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-18-1 Kindesign

A skeleton in a wooden coffin appears as though it has made its way partially out of the ground. It is trying to break its way out to spook your guests! This Halloween decorating idea is the perfect addition to your yard or cemetery scene. Illuminate from behind to add to the eerie effect. This DIY was crafted out of old pallet boards and a plastic skeleton. Add to the ambiance with a green light shining on the front of the coffin. (via Indulgy)

19. Dancing Lawn Ghosts

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-19-1 Kindesign

This simple DIY ghostly scene can be made with just a few inexpensive materials. You will need a styrofoam ball for the heads and a white or green garden fence stake or spray-painted wooden dowel. You will need to cover it with either white fabric or cheesecloth. Secure with hot glue and white pushpins. The lighter the fabric, the more the wind will pick it up, creating the illusion that they are dancing above the ground.  Several will need to be made, forming a circle and attaching the corners of the fabric together. (via Listotic)

20. Spooky Pallet Coffin

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-20-1 Kindesign

A coffin can add a grizzly addition to your spooky Halloween decor. Materials you will need for this includes pallet boards to create the coffin, a light string of orange lights, either foam or real black chain, pumpkins and a rubber hand. Black spray paint will be needed for the coffin. Prop the coffin up against your house or set in on the ground, propped on an angle. Flood lighting will help to create a spooky ambiance. (via Panda’s House)

21. Pumpkin Monster

Creepy Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas-21-1 Kindesign

A pumpkin monster holding a chain with a skull attached to it is seen riding a giant spider. This would make the perfect Halloween decor at the front of your property. Guests may not dare to enter, in fear of what will greet them at your front door! (via Horror And Halloween)

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