33 Amazingly creative Halloween front door decorating ideas


There is only a couple of weeks left before Halloween, and if you haven’t already, its time to get inspired and finish decorating your front door. This is the most important aspect of your festive decorating, as trick-or-treaters that come to your door will be delighted with your creativity. Whether you go on the more spookier side or the fun, playful side of decor, that is up to your personal preference. Adding decor to your front door can be as creative as you like. You can run with more traditional decor selected from retail stores or you can opt for original DIY decor.

A simple wreath and some pumpkins is a great start, these are really easy items for a quick front door dress-up. You can also get a door mat with some Halloween fun on it, such as “BOO”. You can add some mums to your space, maybe some witches legs sprouted out of a potted plant. Spooky garlands can also do the trick, add in some creepy spiders, some cobwebs, scary goblins and skeletons, bats or even witches. You can DIY some ghosts, we have three unique ideas below for your inspiration. A scarecrow is another option for your front yard. Let your imagination begin with the ideas that we have put together for you below!


Above: Make wicked witch legs using items such chicken wire, cardboard, newspaper, glitter spray paint, an old pair of shoes, long spooky socks and scrap wood. Get the DIY tutorial how to here.




Above: Black crafters tape is applied to some stepping stones to create cobwebs. You can simulate this affect with some gray tiles from Home Depot. Don’t forget the spider! If you live somewhere without fallen leaves, you can add some faux leaves, even in a basket or a wheelbarrow.


Above: We love this one, a simple DIY with plenty of impact. All you need is a stone, can be a faux stone. If it is real, prop it up with a stone underneath. Add some leaves for the full effect. If you don’t have leaves, buy some faux leaves. Add some skeleton arms and head and you have the look!


Above: Some spooky pillows on the porch swing is the perfect spot to sit and wait for trick-or-treaters. Add some pumpkins and suspended bats and some Chinese paper lanterns (you can find these at World Market). Fishing line and an eye hook can be used to hang these items.


Above: Use your front yard as a Halloween playground full of spooky details. In the foreground, spiders can be DIY’d with foam balls spray painted black. Black pipe cleaners can form the legs. To affix them securely to the ground, use wired florist picks. In the background, a skeleton gets added into the fun. Secure one of these guys into the ground with rebar. Monofilament can be used to give the arms some shape.


Above: Add some symmetry to your front door decor for a nice, clean aesthetic. Here we have two black feather wreaths decorating the entryway. Attached to the wreaths are long silver ribbons Faux ravens are added to the scene to add a touch of spookiness to the scene.


Above: Suspend some spooky ghosts from your covered patio, alternatively, they can be strung from tree branches. These handmade ghosts can be made together as a family. Start with plastic bowls, drill holes in the center of the bottoms. Put either fishing line or twine through the hole and seal with duct tape. To create the ghost, you will need to cut white sheets of cotton or cheesecloth. Put holes into the center of the material and run the threading from the bowl through the hole. Now you need to make the ghost faces. You will need some pieces of cut felt in the shapes of eyes and a mouth. Hang.


Above: Trick or treat signs accenting the doorway can be bought or made. Cotton sheet ghosts with black felt eyes can also be handmade. A black crafters tape cobweb and a spider on the ground completes the spooky look… and some pumpkins! Don’t forget a garland above the doorway and a wreath… and even a large spider hanging above the wreath.


Above: These bloodshot eyeballs will compliment your spooky decor on either your front porch or your yard. Get the DIY tutorial here.



Above: A bl00dy footprints runner makes for a scary presentation leading up to your front door! You can purchase this item here. You could also DIY this look with a long white mat from the dollar store. Additionally get get some fake blood spray to add your own footprints (source)!



Above: These flying ghosts can be hung from your trees or suspended from your front porch. All you need for materials is white mylar circle balloons, black duct tape, black string and gauze fabric. Get the tutorial here.





Above: A simple DIY added to your front door to infuse some spooky elements. To achieve this cobweb look to your door, begin with some black crafts tape. Cut off three long strips and create an X-shape that is not centered. With the third strip, place it through the middle of the X. This will create six sections. Beginning in the center, place cut pieces of tape to each section. Voila, your web will look something similar to above!


Above: Fantasy pumpkins can be pilled on top of a planter on either side of your entryway to create a topiary. Add a wreath to your front door, the one above is a DIY. Faux mini pumpkins spray painted in a gold metallic. Once dry, hot glue them to a wreath form, which can be picked up at an Arts and Crafts supplier.


Above: Display an array of pumpkins on chairs outside of your front porch.


Above: Turn your front door into a spooky “Do Not Enter” crime scene.




Above: Decorate your front porch entryway with a lit crystal spider web. Add some lanterns, faux grave stones and some wreaths to set the scene.


Above: Traditonal spooky pumpkins will never go out of style! Add some corn stalk to either side of your doorway. A spooky skeleton gets hung below a door knocker.



Above: These hanging ghosts are a knock off a blogger did of some original Pottery Barn Ghosts. Get the DIY tutorial for these ghosts here.


Above: Floating head hanging ghosts can add some spookiness to your front porch. Get the tutorial here.


Above: All you need for this DIY cobweb is some yarn and a picture frame (which can be spray painted to the color you would like). Get the tutorial here.


Above: Small pumpkins, faux spiders and bats, oh my! Get the DIY tutorial on how to make the spiders and bats, here.


Above: Last but not least, a creepy finger to your doorbell will really scare the kids silly! An idea to attach this finger other than glue is double-sided velcro tape. Just hope no one walks off with your finger!

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