37 Spooktacularly amazing outdoor Halloween ideas

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Halloween is almost here, and if you have not started decorating your outdoor space yet, then we have plenty of amazing ideas for you to help set the proper mood. We have put together a collection of inspiring finds that we help you set the stage for the perfect ambiance that will make the front of your home scary yet fun! In the photo tour you will see a mix of DIY, creative ideas mixed with finds from places such as Michaels and Pottery Barn. Pumpkins are a great source of inspiration, and a great way to start your outdoor decorating project. Not only can you carve them, but they can also be left whole and decorated from the outside in all sorts of fantastic ways, ie., paint, ribbons, buttons, glitter, rhinestones, decals, and plenty more.. just have a look below! You can decorate your front porch with scarecrows, bats, black crows, skeletons, witches, lanterns, garland, spiders and cobwebs, spooky doormats and more. We have tons of inspiration for you, have a look through the collection below and we hope you have a Happy Halloween!

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Create a spooky porch setting by lighting your pathway with luminaries to draw visitors up to your front entryway. Lighted grapevine frames the front door, while faux bats and spiders hang near the porch lights, illuminating the spooky creatures. To help enhance your spooky ambiance, try affixing silhouettes to the interior of your windows. Created out of heavy black craft paper, you can make witches, ghosts, cats and bats.

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Decorate your front door with a spooky spider window decal, which can be handcrafted using yellow cellophane and black construction paper (instructions on BHG) or purchased at an arts supply store such as JoAnne’s or Michaels.

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Dress up a pumpkin by painting them with playful shapes and words. To begin with, you will need to apply masking tape to the areas you want left unpainted. Purchase some black spray paint and spray away! When its dry, remove the tape to see your unique design. The block lettering can be outlined and then filled in with crafts paint in black. If you want to add holes to your pumpkins to emit light, you will need a cup drill bit. To create a polka dot pumpkin, you will need to purchase a white pumpkin and add some black circle stickers. To finish off your pumpkin scene, try up-cycling a metal laundry tub, barrels or antique chairs for some added rustic flair and varying height.

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Greet your visitors with a spooky spider web entryway mat!

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Create a countdown sign for how many days are left till Halloween to create some excitement. This can be made out of old picket fence pieces or several wood boards nailed together. This sign uses small clip boards to keep numbers in place. An alternative idea is to get some chalkboard paint and paint a small area in a circle or square, or even in the shape of a pumpkin or bat. Use chalk to write the numbers down everyday.

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To create this Halloween decorated scene, you can start by inviting guests to your front door with tall lanterns wrapped in cardstock that has been cut with spooky faces. Small pumpkins and gourds also accent the staircase. The pillars feature spooky planters with spider webs and ghosts are strung from the porch. Black spiderwebs can be crafted inexpensively with black tape. Another budget-friendly idea is to wrap brooms with black and orange electrical tape.

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These scary bats that decorate the front door are crafted from stiffened felt (can be found at Michaels). They are very DIY friendly, all you need to do is trace the shape onto a piece of felt. If you have a printer, be sure to print a template to make the process easier. Repeat several times till you have your desired effect! They can either be affixed to the exterior with black duct tape and hot glue the birds to the non-sticky side of the tape, or strung with invisible fishing line (which can also be used to hang skeletons or ghosts).

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Welcome your trick-or-treaters by adding a monogram to your pumpkins, with the letter of your last name or H-for Halloween, F-for Fall. You can print the letter off your computer to use as a carving guide. TIP: The letters could also be traced onto a pumpkin and then painted if you did not wish to do any carving.

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Frame your front doorway with some festive scarecrows topped with bottle gourds decorated with skeleton faces to add some spooktacular fun! The gourds have been speared with sticks and set into styrofoam blocks to keep their stability. Place them in urns decorated with small gourds and corn husks to complete the look.

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If you have a bench on your front porch, why not decorate it with a life-sized skeleton sitting on it to greet visitors.

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