Spectacular light filled lake house overlooking Lake Washington

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This light filled lake house was designed by Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects, nestled along Lake Washington, in Kenmore, Washington. This contemporary residence is set in an environmentally and code restrictive site with a  a forty-foot grade change.

In response to this difficult slope the form of the 4,669 square foot structure is set on two axes. One follows along the grade, anchoring and embedding the house to the site while the other turns to extend across the grade, elevating the dwelling towards the water.

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The architects stated the following about the project: “The two intersecting building masses are oriented to maximize a sense of integration into the wooded natural landscape and to establish a visual connection with the lake below. The challenge of this project was to take advantage of the elements of a difficult site and allow them to inspire creative design solutions.”

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What We Love: This light filled lake house features an incredible architectural design on the interior facade that is visually appealing. The interiors are just as spectacular, with our favorite space being the master bedroom retreat. With expansive windows that overlooks Lake Washington, the bedroom is a serene oasis. The mix of materials and beautiful design details makes for an exquisite contemporary dwelling on the water.

Readers, what are your thoughts on this contemporary lake house design? Is there anything you would have like to have seen done differently? Please share with us in the comments below, we love reading your feedback!

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Contemporary Lake Home-05-1 KindesignAbove: There is plenty of warmth and simplicity in the architectural facade of this structure. A combination of glass, cedar and 12×24 tiles of black slate creates a beautiful and inviting aesthetic.

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Photos: Steve Keating

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