Charming cottage-style home on Lake Washington

Located on the West bank of Lake Washington, nestled between the Lake and the Burke Gilman Trail, this charming old cottage was renovated into an elegant, two story home reflecting the ever changing colors of the water and the needs and desires of a growing family. The Lake Washington Residence was worked on by Johnston Architects who are known for their contemporary, urban aesthetic.

The space doubled to 2,800 square feet, designed with open spaces, huge glass sliders and storefront windows that define the indoor/outdoor experience of living in the new house. The lake seems to lap at your feet from almost every room. A white painted-wood ceiling wraps into various rooms to add a beachy feeling. The floors in most rooms are maple stained dark gray, with heated terrazzo in the kitchen. The exterior facade is made up of two layers; the inner layer is composed of cedar and glass, imparting warmth and transparency. The outer shell is made up of a protective layer of steel that helps to weather winter storms and the dampness of the lake.

Photos: Benjamin Benschneider

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12 years ago

What a amazing house and it is so close to home. I bet that the pictures do not do it justice at all. I am sure that in real life the house is even better. It is so hard to see everything that there is to see in a picture. I wonder if I am ever in the seattle area that they would let come in and take a look around in person?