A cave house on the island of Filicudi

This quaint and rustic house dug into a cave is located in Filicudi, one of eight small islands that makes up the Aeolian Archipelago, situated 20-30 miles northeast of the island of Sicily, Italy. The home is carved out of living sandstone and decorated with personal artifacts and paintings done by the homeowner, who is one of the local island painters. The photographs were taken by the talented photographer Sergio Ghetti, who was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1964. Sergio has a Master’s Degree in Architecture at IUAV, Venezia, where his photographic studio is based since 1998. He also lives in Milano and in New York. He is the U.S. correspondent of the architecture magazine The Plan. His work has appeared in Amica, Style – Corriere Della Sera, Lo Donna, Sportweek, Marie Claire Italia, Elle Decor, Riders, Gioia, Vogue Italia, Vogue UK, Vogue Brazil, Conde Nast Traveller Italia, Grazia and Grazia Casa.

Filicudi is a wild paradise of crystal clear waters, fragrant wormwood bushes and trees in bloom capers.

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