Modern lakeside dream: Lake Washington Residence

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Truly a dream home, Lakeside Residence designed by Castanes Architects rests at the West shore of Lake Washington, enjoying views of the lake and growing skyline of Bellevue, Washington. The client originally wished to have an old Tudor remodeled, however, they ultimately decided to design and build a new modern home with some of the characteristics of the older Tudor. Antiques that the owners collected over time and actual pieces from the Tudor were incorporated into the new home, whose interiors were finished by NB Design Group. A wonderful blend of modern, traditional, and antique now  fill this eclectic home. The new residence  refocuses its attention to the lake and the beautifully landscaped gardens, with bi-folding doors, large windows, comfortable decks and a “crows nest” office at the 4th floor level. The house is heated with a sophisticated radiant hot water system that consumes less energy and provides a healthier environment for its owners. The copper shingles from the previous home have now become a part of the new roof.

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Rain water is channeled through a perforated 6″ steel pipe to create a waterfall onto a trellis, then becomes a small creek along the garden, before it is collected in an underground water cistern for irrigation.

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-03-1 Kindesign

Water from roof is gathered by a through, and brought down in a 6″ pipe. It then falls into a trellis system.

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-04-1 Kindesign

The house opens up on East elevation to focus it’s attention to the beautifully landscaped gardens and stunning view of the lake and silhouette of City of Bellevue and the mountains from Mt. Rainier to Mt. Baker.

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-05-1 Kindesign

The translucent garage door lights up the driveway at night. On the street elevation, the proportions of the house is scaled down to bring it to a pedestrian level, while also creating a sense of privacy.

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Custom made corten steel entry gate is laser cut to mimic the inlays in the walnut entry door.

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-07-1 Kindesign

Heavy steel wraps between two floors like a delicate lace ribbon.

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-08-1 Kindesign

Staircase Landing, is designed to be and intimate gathering spot. Raw steel bench and planter, and cast glass guardrail.

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Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-10-1 Kindesign

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-11-1 Kindesign

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-12-1 Kindesign

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-13-1 Kindesign

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-14-1 Kindesign

Milestone surround fireplace separates Living Room and Dining Room.

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Media Room is separated from living with a linear window.

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-16-1 Kindesign

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Bi-folding doors extend the dining room into the beautiful gardens and the lake.

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-18-1 Kindesign

Dining Room with stunning views of the lake.

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Kitchen flow is designed to allow interaction between the cook and the guest, while separating the two with the island.

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-20-1 Kindesign

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-21-1 Kindesign

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-22-1 Kindesign

Tall ceiling and large east facing windows, bring colors from rising sun and breeze from the lake into the Master Suite, for a fresh morning!

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-23-1 Kindesign

The Master Bath is designed like a spa, with neutral colors, and filled with lots of natural daylight.

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-24-1 Kindesign

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-25-1 Kindesign

Family Room opens into the gardens with Nana doors. Vent free fireplace solves the problem of ugly side vent into the side yard.

Lakeside Residence-Castanes Architects-26-1 Kindesign

Vintage bank safe door opens up for a look-out for the bistro table, inside the wine room.

Photos: Aaron Leitz

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