Condo capturing views over Lake Washington gets sleek makeover

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A couple of empty nesters decided to downsize, purchasing this 60s high-rise condo, renovated by architect Steve Hoedemaker and designer Garret Cord Werner. Rising twenty-two stories above Lake Washington, this sleek Seattle pad features open spaces and materials that reflect that of the Pacific Northwest. The goal of this project was to capture the essence of the previous lakeside home that the couple had resided in. According to the architects, the homeowners requested: “a high level of architectural detail, ample storage, and multiple areas to display their specialized art collection. Materials were chosen to be slightly rustic, warm and tactile, with a very sophisticated application.”

The centerpiece of the living room (picture above) is a solid stacked, cut limestone that looks like driftwood. The walls and ceiling are clad in bleached black walnut panels, creating a visually stunning aesthetic. Designer furnishings includes a B&B Italia for the chaise lounge and armchairs and an Isamu Noguchi coffee table. Through a telescope in the living room, the couple can view their suburban home across the water, where they shared a lifetime of memories. Since the couple had desired to travel, they found their home to be too much upkeep with extended time away.

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The design was inspired by that of yachts, where every square inch was carefully planned out and used, with plenty of built-in storage and extensive cabinetry. Very little drywall was used, instead you will find crisp, detailed walls with bronze used as the base and casing throughout. Soft tones and luxurious materials were intermingled to create a very tranquil and relaxing living environment.

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The condo ended up being a complete gut and remodel, with the original layout feeling very closed off with a lot of fussy details. Their were two requests for the scope of their project: tear down walls to create free flowing spaces and infuse natural materials that connect with the northwest and create a sense of the outdoors. The kitchen dining and living areas were grouped together at the core.

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Private zones were linked together to create sumptuous bedroom suites—master bedroom and guest room. Architectural tricks were deployed to create a sense of more visual space, through the use of materials and ceiling heights. As a result, the couple now has a low-maintenance home with spectacular views. A complete change of living—they now live closer to the sky then they do to the ground!

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What We Love: The views from this home in the sky take center stage. Crisp, clean-lines and beautiful tones of browns and ashy greens that are soothing to the eyes. A major change for a couple that is used to living in a larger house, but the designers did a wonderful job of turning a smaller space into a cozy home. What do you think readers, could you find this condo to be habitable to your tastes? Please let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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Photos: Courtesy of Garret Cord Werner Architecture & Interiors


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