Striking modern family home in California surrounded by nature

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This new clean-lined, modern family home was designed by Swatt |Miers Architects, surrounded by mature growth trees in Atherton, a town in San Mateo County, California. The clients asked the architects to build them a family-friendly dream home, with plenty of outdoor living space and tranquil yet sophisticated interiors that would satisfy their love of architecture. They had spent two years searching for the right site to build their home on, finally finding the perfect area covered with mature landscaping and old oak trees. It was the perfect setting for their family, offering complete privacy from nearby neighbors.

This project involved creating a simple design that is bright and airy with elegant architecture and a strong indoor-outdoor connection. The structure was designed on an angle, approximately 30 degrees off of the orthogonal grid of the property, where vanishing views were formed from the main living areas, enhancing the sense of space around the residence. This site orientation has created trapezoidal exterior spaces, which have been transformed into landscaped outdoor rooms for family living, with expansive gardens, terraces, and a sumptuous swimming pool.

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Arrival to the property is from an expansive driveway that leads visitors to a concrete footpath surrounded by lush vegetation to a low, cantilevered roof overhang. Upon entry into this modern family home, one will notice a dramatic three-level staircase comprised of board-formed concrete and glass railings, visually anchoring the horizontal volume. Visual warmth has been infused into the interiors through white oak flooring, while a linear skylight running along the edge of the stair core illuminates the space with natural light. The finished result is a striking home design that blurs the boundaries between indoors and out, offering relaxation and entertaining spaces as well as areas for play… for both children and adults alike!

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What We Love: This private haven offers a family sanctuary from its neighbors, a wonderful place where they can relax, entertain and play and be surrounded by the tranquility of nature. The mix of materials of concrete, glass and wood creates a beautiful balance in this modern residence… and the image below is a perfect display of all three. What are your opinions on this modern family home, what is your favorite part of the design? Please share with us in the comments below!

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Photos: Russell Abraham

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