Serene colonial style home in the suburbs of Massachusetts

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This colonial style home has been completely transformed by the talented team of LDa Architecture & Interiors, located in the suburbs of Needham, Massachusetts. The architects made significant renovations to both the interior and exterior of this family residence. This also included a new addition, consisting of a chef’s kitchen, family room, mudroom and a second story master bedroom suite. There was also a basement level playroom added to the home.

The remodel also included the addition of bathrooms, while make the existing ones feel more spacious. Circulation throughout the interior living spaces was also improved. A reconstructed staircase to the remodeled third level, gives the home two beautiful new bedrooms as well as a bathroom. Additionally, the architects constructed a new detached garage to the site. The landscaping was also given some new improvements, adding to the overall beauty of this home.

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The enhancements to the interior helps to improve the luminosity of the space, while highlighting the homeowners expanding art collection. The new interior layout promotes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, conducive for entertaining. The overall color palette focuses on gradations of blue, complimented by deep wood tones, natural fabrics and metallic accents.

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What We Love: Newly renovated, bright and airy living spaces helps to enhance the overall aesthetic of this colonial style home. A soothing color palette helps to promote a welcoming atmosphere, with spacious living areas that are perfect for family living. Overall, the renovations have created a delightful new design, giving the home a breath of fresh air… Readers, tell us your thoughts on this newly renovated family home in the comments below.

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Above: The cozy dining banquette in the kitchen measures 11 by 4 feet. The chairs were sourced from Crate & Barrel, the Fiji Dining Chairs. The table was custom fabricated out of reclaimed white oak. The windows are French Casement from Pella. While the window treatments were sourced from The Shade Store. They are a Flat Roman shade in Grassweave, in the color Oatmeal.

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Above: In the bathroom, the vanity and medicine cabinet were both sourced from Pottery Barn. The vanity can be found here.

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Above: A serene master bathroom features a Freestanding Bathtub For Loft by Michael S. Smith, sourced from Kallista.

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Photos: Sean Litchfield Photography

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