Luxuriously crafted three-story beach home in Massachusetts

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The homeowners of this fantastic property selected this site in Swampscott, Massachusetts for their new home based on its striking views and rocky beach, contracting LDa Architects for the project. The couple are originally from an urban locale, wishing to create a new home in a more quiet and relaxed setting. The existing home on the property was outdated, so the architects tore down the structure and removed the swimming pool, allowing a fresh start. The spectacular new home was designed to maximize the views out towards the ocean, incorporating extensive windows into the design to frame the views. An infinity edge pool was constructed, abutted up to the rocky edge, making it appear as if it spills into the ocean. The dwelling was designed to incorporate the sloping site, where it’s three-story height is only visible from the rear of the property.

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The exterior facade of the home is clad in plain Eastern White Cedar Shingles sourced from Maibec. The shingles were then treated with Cabot Bleaching Oil. The fabulous staircase can be seen from the front and back of the home, creating a nice central focal point.

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The spectacular black and white staircase was custom designed and constructed within the home by the builder. The staircase handrails were painted black and finished with a polyurethane topcoat. The flooring was customized to fit the interiors scheme, constructed of a baked white oak and then stained with an ebony analine dye.

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What We Love: With a beautiful transitional styling and a nice indoor-outdoor connection through extensive windows, this beach house offers its inhabitants a fantastic place to call home. The way the swimming pool seems to disappear into the ocean is heavenly, we can just imagine lounging out around the swimming pool and being mesmerized by the crashing of the waves. Whats your take on this home, is there any particular features you like or don’t like?

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The gourmet kitchen features custom designed cabinetry complete with white Caesarstone countertops around the perimeter and a black marble island.

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The dining room features sliding factory glass pocket doors that can be closed off when entertaining. The fabulous floor lamp was sourced from Aqua Creations.

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Photos: Sam Gray Photography

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