House Tour: Come see this color-filled summer house

Surrounded by olive groves and radiant interiors, this spacious 18th century restored farmhouse is located near Archidona in Malaga, Spain. Before the family with three children could move in, the home needed to be renovated. Their goal was to create cozy spaces, but to keep the essence of the farmhouse wherever possible. The interiors of the farmhouse are very natural with polished ground concrete in an ochre tone, a very Andalusian style, combined with fabrics, plastic, wood furniture, decorated with white netting and cushions. Multicolored carpets and pillows helped to breathe new life into the dynamic environments. The atmosphere created was calm and simple with romantic decor. The building needed reform to make it habitable; they had to perform installations of plumbing and electricity, redo the roof and changing distribution, to achieve broader stays. Finished works, decoration were responsible themselves. Via

The kitchen is very rustic but with the latest equipment, and convenient access from the outside. The natural materials used in the decor and the furniture blends traditional with modern in a balanced way.

A mixture of wood and wicker blended with cheerful colors in textiles and accessories creates a natural and lived in environment.

The kitchen was extended by knocking down several partitions to create a more comfortable, bright, and functional living space. There were two structural pillars that were left to create an archway that visually separates the dining area from the kitchen.

The natural wood table was brought from the owners native country, the Netherlands, the anchor to this environment it brings warmth and authenticity. Above the table is a wicker lamp that was original to the house and stands out for its design, resembling a hat.

To create a romantic bedroom atmosphere, a white and vaporous voile fabric hangs from the ceiling and is collected behind the headboard to become a delicate canopy.

The spaciousness of the master bedroom allows a reading retreat to enjoy splendid views to the outdoors.

This vintage bedroom includes a boat bed, desk, chair and lamp. In keeping with the vintage style of the room, there is a gambrel roof, low window and canopy netting.

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Muebles de Cocina
12 years ago

Woow great desing I really like that, great pictures.