Living the simple life in a beautiful french villa

This simply stunning 2,153 square-foot home called La Petite Bastide is located close to the village of Lourmarin in Provence, France. The gorgeous 36-acre estate features an enclosed courtyard to protect it’s inhabitants from the elements, vineyards and olive groves, with planted cyprus trees, figs, pines and wide open views of the magnificent Luberon mountain ranges. This historical five bedroom, three bathroom residence has been restored to its natural grandeur with simplicity of style, using only natural materials of stone, lime, concrete, wood and linen. Via

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9 years ago

Guess I can’t afford to lead the simple life, better just get on with the complex one that most of us lead

9 years ago

Its a nice looking property. Concrete made with cement is not “natural” and is inherently bad for single skin buildings.